25 Life Traps That Most People Will Fall Into At One Point Or Another

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Don’t be fooled, life is full of traps and they are out to specifically get you! There are a lot of things you can do to mess your life up and a lot of those things are really hard to get out of. Whether it’s debt or getting caught up in the daily rat race, there are just so many pits you can fall into (sometimes you won’t even realize you are in the pit).

So on today’s list, we are not just going to show you how to avoid the big ones–because most of those involve finances and money to some extent–but we’ll also touch on some of the less serious traps, like running out of toilet paper (that always stinks…pun intended). It’s time to identify (and avoid) some of the most common life traps most people fall into at least once in their lives.

To avoid any confusion, a life trap is any device (physical, or psychological) that catches or retains a person and offers no immediate escape. Life traps can be physical objects, psychological beliefs and/or specific situations. Now that we have that established, are you ready?

Because we’re about to drop some knowledge on you! You’re about to learn what you need to look out for in your daily life. This won’t make you a pro, but it might just keep you from being dirt poor…at least we hope. These are 25 life traps that most people fall into at one point or another.

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Gambler's fallacy

Gambler's fallacySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is the idea that if something happens a lot (you flip heads 50 times in a row), then the other option is more likely to happen (you will start flipping tails more). This superstitious belief comes from the idea that the universe must balance out somehow. It’s caused a lot of pain to people’s wallets in Las Vegas.


Pressing space bar to pause a youtube video and scrolling half way down the page

Pressing space bar to pause a youtube video and scrolling half way down the pageSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Try “K” instead.


Making eye contact with kiosk workers at the mall

Making eye contact with kiosk workers at the mallSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You’ll never get that 5 minutes back.


Thinking you're not affected by marketing

Thinking you're not affected by marketingSource: reddit, Image: pexels

Marketing isn’t just advertising. It’s sneaky in ways you would never have expected. Even the very floor you are standing on in some stores can be designed to subconsciously influence your comfort, perception, and movement.


Thinking you have to go to college

Thinking you have to go to collegeSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

There are plenty of people that make an excellent living without any degree.


Lifestyle inflation

Lifestyle inflationSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

As we make more money, we spend more money. Unfortunately, this leads many people to maintain a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. An alternative, especially for those of you living in high-income economies: saving and then investing to achieve financial freedom.


What's that on your shirt?

What's that on your shirt?Source: reddit

Running out of toilet paper

Running out of toilet paperSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

There are two types of people in the world…those who have experienced this, and those who will.


Sunk cost fallacy

Sunk cost fallacySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is the idea that simply because people have already invested in something ($300 for a conference you don’t really want to go to) they will actually invest more in spite of the fact that their initial investment is a dud (I might as well spend more money going to the conference)


Pushing the biggest download button

Pushing the biggest download buttonSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You will regret it…


Pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If you don’t fall for it then you definitely had at least one friend who did.

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Scarcity trap

Scarcity trapSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

When you are experiencing poverty with regards to time, money, happiness, then you are more likely to make decisions that amplify and lead to more poverty. It’s basically a self-fulfilling prophecy e.g. depression leads to isolation which leads to more depression etc. Negative feedback loops are no fun.


Trying to please people

Trying to please peopleSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

As you get older you realize that no matter what you do people will find some way to criticize you. You didn’t help the homeless man? You’re a bad person. Did you help the homeless man? You’re an enabler.


The Spanish prisoner

The Spanish prisonerSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This confidence trick is essentially the original “Nigerian prince” scam, but more generalized. For example, politicians do this all the time by dishing out empty promises e.g. “vote for me and I will completely change so and so”. In reality, they are just using you to further their own agenda.


Not backing your files up

Not backing your files upSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

That file’s not important, right? Yea, not until your computer crashes.



DebtSource: reddit, Image: Simon Cunningham via Flickr

If you live in the United States, this is especially relevant. Don’t drink the kool aid. You can live without debt.


Climbing the ladder

Climbing the ladderSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This not only pertains to work but life in general. We want a better job to buy a bigger house for which we will need an even better job so that we can then buy yet another house. Repeat.


Getting a credit card for reward points

Getting a credit card for reward pointsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

We’re sorry. Remember what we said about marketing?


"I'll remember that, no need to write it down..."

"I'll remember that, no need to write it down..."Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

“What was that thing again?”


Trusting your memory

Trusting your memorySource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Your memory is notoriously bad. Things like the Mandela Effect show how millions of people can remember something that never happened (Nelson Mandela dying in prison). So just because you and all your friends swear something happened…that doesn’t necessarily mean much. Eyewitness testimony’s long-revered position in court is even being called into question thanks to DNA testing. So basically, just because you firmly remember something, you are very likely wrong about it in more ways than you would expect.


Taking a "quick break" to check facebook

Taking a "quick break" to check facebookSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Yea right…it’ll be quick right? Haha.


Thinking you didn't use too much toilet paper and it will flush

Thinking you didn't use too much toilet paper and it will flushSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

The toilet is especially unlikely to flush when you are at a friends house.


Thinking that you know

Thinking that you knowSource: reddit

This goes along with trusting your memory and tribalism. We all make this error at some point. We are so sure of our position that we are unwilling to entertain or accept the fact that other opinions might carry some validity.



TribalismSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is possibly the biggest trap we fall into as humans. On a big scale this leads to racism and nationalism, but this affects us on every level of life. Do you think all the people that believe or follow *insert belief here* are terrible? That’s tribalism. Sports, countries, jobs, it’s everywhere. An upside? It leads to community. The downside, however, is that it can easily lead to wars and conflict. Ironically enough, thinking that you are above tribalism (due to intelligence or political persuasion) is a form of tribalism itself.



SpiderwebsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Who hasn’t walked into a spider web? And besides, it’s probably the most literal trap on this list.