25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience

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What is the human body’s pain tolerance? What is the worst pain known to medical science? These are all good questions. We’ve all wondered things like how much pain can the body take before death? Well, today we’re going to answer those questions. These are the 25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience.



GoutSource: mayoclinic.org

Basically an acute and intense onset of arthritis, gout is not to be messed with. It used to be called the rich man’s disease because a “wealthy” diet was one of the causes. These days, however, it has become more common in the West. Thanks McDonald’s.


Tooth Abscess

tooth abscessSource: webmd.com

Although abscesses can occur anywhere in the body, tooth abscesses are typically the most painful because they are so close to a huge number of nerves. Due to tooth decay, bacteria sets in and causes immense pain. The infection can even spread to the rest of the face, cause terrible fevers, and in some cases death. Pro-tip: brush your teeth.


Torn Achilles

achilles tendonSource: webmd.com

It is the strongest and largest tendon in the body, so when it breaks…it hurts. People even say it feels like being shot in the back of the foot.


Road Rash

carSource: webmd.com

Similar to burns (which you will read about momentarily), this is insanely painful. Having the top layer of your skin gone and your nerves damaged is no fun at all.


Stonefish Sting

StonefishSource: mnn.com

These fish, commonly found in the coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific are one of the most venomous fish known to man. Often confused with stones below the surface of the water, people sometimes accidentally step on them. Depending on how much pressure is applied will determine how much venom gets injected. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for the sting to be fatal.

Note: even if it’s not fatal, the victim typically experiences excruciating pain, nausea, convulsions, and vomiting.

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