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  • 25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History

    25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History

    Ever since people realized that wood floats, history has been filled with an immeasurable number of shipwrecks. Although people have tried in vain to build unsinkable ships, the ocean will not be tamed. In this list we’re going to go back and take a look at the 25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History (and yes […] More

  • a peasize amount of toothpaste on toothbrush with the word "nurdle" and an arrow pointing to toothpaste

    25 Things You Would Never Guess Actually Have Names

    English is a strange and complex language, but its strangeness may reach further than you thought. There are things that we see everyday that we may not even know the name of, or we didn’t even know had a name to begin with. Either way, you are going to be seeing some pretty peculiar names […] More

  • 25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have

    If you think your jobs is bad, think again! Unless it involves wading through human excrement, farming maggots, or peeling roadkill off the nation’s highways, you’ve got it pretty good. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just note that this list isn’t for the squeamish, and check out the 25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have. More

  • dog hotel

    25 Unusual Vacation Spots

    Are you looking for some place truly unique for your next vacation? Just wave goodbye to run-of-the-mill escapades on mediocre beaches and hotels. You’d be surprised with what crazy attractions or hotels you’re actually able to visit if you’re adventurous enough to get there. Don’t just take our word for it; check out these 25 […] More

  • Tsetse Fly

    25 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World

    The millions of bug species that exist in the world today play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. There’s no getting around it, we need them. Though a majority of them are harmless, some are especially good at either transmitting disease, injecting venom, or just generally being a nuisance. We don’t really like insects, but […] More

  • A brown gavel

    25 Extremely Bizarre Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real

    Ready to see a few truly bizarre laws that will make you question the cornerstones for a just society? While most laws protect the individual and society’s interests, every now and then explainable, illogical, and frankly, the dumbest laws in the world slip in. You’d wish these weird laws wouldn’t be passed but somehow, beyond […] More

  • funny shot of discheveled girl in science lab, shocked face

    25 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

    You may not realize it, but many things you use every day came about completely by accident! That straw you’re sipping out of? Accident. The Velcro you used to fasten your son’s shoes? Accident. The dose of Penicillin that saved your neighbor’s life? Accident. While we’ve shared other unique invention lists with you, today we […] More

  • Adolf Hitler

    25 Deadliest Dictators Throughout History

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without checks and balances, laws, and proper institutions in place, tyrants and dictators can quickly consolidate power and cause a tremendous amount of suffering. Sadly, every once in a while, politicians and leaders decide to do things their own way (much to the dismay of the masses). From communist leaders to […] More

  • A thief breaking into a jewelry store

    25 Biggest Robberies, Raids, And Heists Ever

    Although these days high profile crimes tend to involve computers and networks more than rifles and bags of cash, many of the biggest heists in history were pulled off without any sophisticated technology. All that was required was a sufficient amount of planning and of course…greed. These are the 25 Biggest Robberies, Raids, And Heists […] More

  • Oymyakon Forests

    25 Unbelievable Extremes On Earth

    As far as planets are concerned, Earth is relatively moderate with its climate and geography. (Good thing, too!) However, our own world has many surprising and extreme places. Many of these places are uninhabitable or much too difficult for the average man to reach. Whether it’s the coldest place on Earth or the deepest trench […] More

  • A beautiful picture of the skyline of Hong Kong

    25 Most Beautiful Skylines In The World

    Ever since man walked upon the face of the Earth, we have been trying to build things as high as possible. Occasionally, it might be due to running out of horizontal space, but for the most part, our primary motivation is ego. Over the course of the last century, the title for worlds tallest building has […] More

  • skun spiders in a large pile

    Hot Popular

    25 Strangest Foods From Around The World

    What do fried brains, puffin hearts, and drunken shrimp have in common? They are all considered delicacies somewhere in the world. While most people probably do not consider the contents of their cookbooks too strange, to a foreigner your lunch could be the equivalent of a nightmare. So, before we dive into our culinary tour […] More

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