25 Most Popular Animals On Google Search

We love animals – there’s no denying it. But besides searching for Grumpy Cat or adorable pugs, we spend a lot of our time on the internet searching for animals. In this list, we bring you the most popular animals searched for or trending in the United States on Google from 2014 and also include some fun facts you can tell your friends. Dig in to this list of the top 25 most popular animals on Google.



american bison

Though it was the 129th most searched animal in 2014, the bison made the list of top 10 trending animals for the year. The American bison was almost hunted to extinction in the 1800’s but has since recovered, largely due to the commercial raising of bison for their meat.



spinner dolphin pod

Highly intelligent animals, dolphins are also very social – they will help sick or injured members of their pod come to the surface for air and can even switch between pods.



bald eagle

Though Americans are most familiar with the bald eagle, there are about 60 species of eagle in the world, mostly in Eurasia and Africa with 44 species. North America only has two resident eagle species; the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle.



shetland pony

A pony is a small horse but, contrary to popular thought, is not a baby or young horse. These horses likely developed their shorter legs, thicker manes, and smaller statures due to living on the fringes of livable horse habitat.




The easiest way to differentiate an ape from a monkey is to look at its backside: apes have no tails. The great ape branch of the family in Africa is mostly threatened today due to the Ebola virus.

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