List25 combines the pursuit of interesting and intriguing facts with the innate human desire to rank and list things. From stereotypical cat pictures to crazy facts about the universe, every list is designed to help you kill time in the most efficient manner, all while giving you something to either laugh at or think about! Every weekday we release at least two new lists, one of which is a video.


While most sites publish top 10 lists or maybe even top 15, List25 was started because people wanted more. Top 25 lists are comprehensive; more in depth, and give more material to argue over (just read the comments). From its humble beginnings in 2011 up until now, List25 has served millions of hungry minds, has been mentioned in big publications like the New York Times, and is continuing to find new ways of consistently conciliating your curiosity.


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Who We Are

  • Crystal Coker
  • Mike Estrin
  • Jason Ingolfsland
Crystal Coker
Editor in Chief

With a variety of interests that include studying languages, traveling, reading, writing, yoga, and drinking more coffee than she should, Crystal is enthusiastic about life and its many adventures. She has a bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies and a master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. When she is not editing, writing, or causing trouble, she loves relaxing with her family and friends.

Mike Estrin
Social Media Coordinator | Narrator

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Mike is a “go-with the flow” laid back kind of guy who has always enjoyed entertaining people. When not “edu-taining” the List25 fans/viewers, Mike can be found playing on Xbox LIVE (Gamertag: Merrai) or cheering on his favorite sports teams (Bucs, Gators, Nuggets, Predators and Rays). Follow his crazy antics on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Jason Ingolfsland
Staff Writer

Growing up in rural Tennessee, Jason spent most of his time watching old 80s movies on VHS and wandering around in the woods. He moved to Minnesota in the middle of high school, and was asked a lot why he didn’t have a southern accent. Later, he attended Crown College where he was a contributing writer for the school paper and the yearbook editor. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Science. Since then he’s written and published several novels, short stories, and two short screenplays produced into films featured at the Twin Cities Film Festival, Revolution Film Festival, and Z-Fest. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, kids, and two dogs. You can find out more about him at jasoningolfsland.com.

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