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  • 25 Creepiest Abandoned Buildings Around the World

    Around the world, you can find abandoned buildings and communities. They get left behind for a whole host of reasons. Perhaps they no longer serve a purpose. Maybe they have encountered an unforeseen natural disaster. Sometimes people abandon buildings because of war. Sometimes, it has something rumored to do with the supernatural. Often, you’ll find […] More

  • 25 Awesome Board Games That You Should Actually Play!

    In recent years, board games have made a comeback. This might be for several reasons. Perhaps people are craving more of an interactive gaming experience. Also, there is something unique about being able to touch and feel the pieces of the game we are playing. What is worth noting about the new generation of games […] More

  • 25 Strangest Cargo Ever Carried By Plane, Train, or Automobile

    For many reasons, cargo has been transported back and forth across the world for centuries. Much of the items carried are crucial or at the very least useful for everyday life. In our modern world, we’ve grown accustomed to using and consuming many items not native to our own country. The same goes for countries […] More

  • 25 Most Bizarre and Useless Products You Can Buy on Amazon

    On the e-commerce giant that is Amazon, you can order anything from electronic goods to office furniture, 365 days a year, and often have it delivered the very same day to your doorstep at just the click of a button. But has all this convenience meant that it is far too easy to impulse buy something […] More

  • 25 Funny Amusement Park Fails That Will Make You Laugh

    Many people love the thrill of a rollercoaster – the heart-pounding rush from the drops and high-speed turns. In a way, we get a euphoric high off of this surge of adrenaline while riding a roller coaster. This high can become addictive, causing some people to actively seek roller coasters and other thrilling activities. That […] More

  • 25 Ways Baby Boomers Have Screwed Over Younger Generations

    It seems that no matter the year, there’s always been a generational divide. For whatever reason, older and younger generations just can’t get along. It’s a situation we find ourselves in today. Baby Boomers label their younger counterparts as lazy, entitled, and easily offended. And let’s not forget about all the things Millenials have “ruined” […] More

  • 25 Movie Cliches You Will Never Want To See Again

    Have you ever watched a movie that was ruined by a moment you saw happening a mile away? You knew it would happen because it’s been repeated a gazillion times in so many different films. Whether it’s an evil mirror in a horror film or a bomb that is diffused in seconds, Hollywood puts the […] More

  • things kids believe

    25 Stupid Things You Believed As a Kid That Are Nearly Unbelievable

    Are there things you believed as an adolescent that you shake your head at today? Children have very active imaginations, and when they want to make sense of the world, it’s amazing some of the things they can come up with. For instance, some children believed that tiny people controlled the traffic lights, while others […] More

  • booby traps

    20 Terrifying Booby Traps That Will Make You Gasp

    For centuries, humans have employed booby traps for one reason or another. Much of the time, people have used them for defensive purposes. Hunters also utilize booby traps to catch their prey. Other than being cheap, booby traps are usually very effective and easy to design and use. Pretty much anyone can make one (Kevin […] More

  • shoes and fashion statement

    20 Strange Things Your Shoes Say About You

    Some people may claim that what you wear on your feet could reflect traits of your personality. This claim might seem easily disputed and controversial. You might call it the kind of statement only made by a superficial person who judges everything based on the “cover.” And yes, some people probably do pay too much […] More

  • dinosaurs that would make great pets

    20 Bizarre Dinosaurs That Would’ve Made Great Pets

    Realistically speaking, dinosaurs wouldn’t make good pets. They were wild animals with highly attuned “flight or fight” responses to stimuli, which would have made them not only difficult to deal with but also very dangerous. Small ones would be nervous, nippy animals, prone to running around and clawing the furniture. The larger forms could leap […] More

  • world records

    25 Stupid World Records That Nobody Has Bothered to Try and Break

    A world record usually describes the most amazing and extraordinary activity or performance ever recorded. It can be considered one of the greatest honors a human can experience in life. There’s even a book that “collects” and publishes all types of world records. Yep, we’re referring to the Guinness World Records. But there’s something curious […] More

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