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  • Bigfoot stories

    25 Times People Have Sworn They’ve Seen Bigfoot

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard mention of the urban legend Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. People who claim to have seen the mythical creature describe it as being ape-like but with human movements. Although no one has clear evidence of the creature (except for poor quality photos and videos), people obsessed […] More

  • baking soda

    25 Uses for Baking Soda That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Do you think that baking soda is only used to make baked goods fluffy and light? If the answer’s yes, you should know that baking soda can do pretty much everything. Well, we may exaggerate a little; baking soda can definitely do a lot of things, however, from curing your bad breath to whitening your […] More

  • criminals caught on surveillance

    20 Craziest Criminal Acts Caught on Surveillance Videos

    Video cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV), are becoming a more and more “popular” tool in the Western world. Some citizens may disagree with their ethical use. The excessive usage of such video footage by police can indeed prove trouble in a democratic society. There’s no doubt, however, that a sophisticated surveillance system can help (more […] More

  • dumbest criminals

    25 Dumbest Criminals and How They Got Caught

    There’s no doubt that criminal history can demonstrate some of the most audacious and daring crimes. Some well-thought-out schemes have left authorities and police officers around the world shaking their heads. Many criminals have seemed to literally disappear off the face of the earth while sought by law enforcement agencies. Frank Morris, John Anglin, and […] More

  • 25 Best and Surprising Ways To Experience Music

    “Music is powerful. It speaks to a primal pit in our brains. It makes anyone wanna get up and get their knees going’. A good song can really wrap people up in a mood, better than any words alone could.” ~ Jake the Dog & Music Hole (Adventure Time) It’s true. Music might be the […] More

  • Star Wars quotable scenes

    Top 25 Most Quotable Scenes from Star Wars

    Would you call yourself a true Star Wars fan? Or perhaps you just read that sentence, laughed out loud, and asked, “Fan?” To some people, the Star Wars movies are just entertainment with special effects, exciting battle scenes, and a captivating storyline. Then there are those who know every detail about the movie. They know […] More

  • conspiracy theories

    25 Government Conspiracies That Actually Ended Up Being Covered Up

    Conspiracy theories can be fascinating, perplexing, or even downright lunatic, but are they ever true? Judging from the available historical evidence, they can be. No matter how crazy some of them may appear to be at first glance, we all know looks can be deceiving. Things get especially confusing when the government is involved in […] More

  • Most Retweeted Tweets

    25 Most Retweeted Tweets That Will Make You Wonder

    How many times has your tweet gone viral? Every day, millions of people post status updates on Twitter. They post everything from announcing a job promotion to commenting on how their day is going. Most of these tweets maybe get one or two reposts, if any. Then there are those who post something that gets […] More

  • 25 Healthy Habits That Will Increase The Quality Of Your Life

    25 Healthy Habits That Will Increase The Quality Of Your Life

    Depending on who you are, you may never have considered the healthiness of the things you do at all. If that is you, then this list might shake things up a bit in your life. Health is one of those things that we don’t really focus on, understand, or appreciate until we don’t have it […] More

  • Top 25 Dirty Jokes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

    Top 25 Dirty Jokes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

    These Top 25 Dirty Jokes are pretty great and pretty dirty! Everyone loves jokes. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. And yes, while clever and smart jokes are wonderful and so are silly jokes, there’s just something almost, raw and natural about a dirty joke. Chances are, everyone’s told one at some time […] More

  • 25 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

    25 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

    The average Joe uses shoes just to get from one to place to the other in relative comfort. However, the more sports-minded have other goals in mind. The highest-paid athletes probably have hundreds of shoes for the sport they play and for the after-parties they attend. Getting the most performance out of a shoe is […] More

  • 25 Common Symbols And Their Meanings

    25 Common Symbols And Their Meanings

    Have you ever realized how many symbols you encounter every day? The purpose of any symbol is to convey meaning while saving space. Some symbols that used to be commonplace have lost their original meaning, but other signs have taken on new meaning with a new generation. But do we really know the true meanings […] More

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