25 Cartoon Characters We Wish We Could Be Friends With In Real Life

Posted by , Updated on October 6, 2018


Some of the best friends humanity has ever known have been confined to a two-dimensional world. Whether it’s because of their wacky personality or their crazy adventures, there are some cartoon characters that we would all love to hang out with. Here are 25 Cartoon Characters We Wish We Could Be Friends With In Real Life.


Beavis and Butthead

beavis and butthead

If you’re looking for a dynamic duo to do some dumb things with, you have found the right two. Beavis and Butthead are not the nicest or most mature characters you’d ever meet, but that doesn’t stop them from saying ridiculously funny commentary.




For a friend that’ll always have your back if you get into a fight, Popeye is here to save the day. His strong arms, given to him by his famous spinach, are perfect for him to use for defending his dear sweet Olive Oyl and any friend of his.




For the times you want to just bust out into song, they’re ready for it. These musical loving siblings are known as the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) who are constantly finding ways to get into childlike mischief. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are certainly interesting creatures to hang out with, especially since no one knows exactly what kind of animals they are.


Randy Marsh

randy marsh

Randy Marsh is the crazy father to the well known South Park character Stanley Marsh, and he sometimes gets into even more trouble than the children of South Park. You never know what to expect from Randy because he is a very random outside-of-the-box thinking type of character, but he makes for some hilarious moments with his friends and family.




Garfield is the perfect friend for EVERYONE because who doesn’t want to just nap, eat lasagna all day, and hate Mondays? This lazy fat cat would make for the perfect day off consisting of food, sleeping, and TV. How much better of a friend could you get?

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