25 Most Obscure Sports In The World

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We’ve all heard of chess, and we’ve all heard of boxing, but have you heard of…chess boxing? How about ferret legging? Or Camel Wrestling? It’s a strange world, and the ways in which we entertain ourselves to reflect that. As Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.” So go ahead, observe some of these 25 Most Obscure Sports In The World.



bo taoshi

Bo-taoshi is Japanese for “pole-pulldown,” and it’s intense. Each team has 150 people that are divided into 75 attackers and 75 defenders. The goal? Knock down the other team’s pole. By the way, the number for 911 in Japan is 119.


Extreme Ironing


According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, this is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” Originating in England, it is now a worldwide phenomenon that has taken place underwater, on mountainsides, and while parachuting.


Ga-ga ball

gaga ballPatrick T Fallon

According to some sources, this popular summer camp game originated in Israel. It’s played like dodgeball except it takes place in a wooden octagon and you have to hit players beneath the knees to get them out.


Cheese Rolling

cheese rolling

Every year from the top of Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester, England, a round of Double Gloucester Cheese is rolled and a herd of competitors chase it. Although they are theoretically supposed to catch it, the cheese can reach speeds of up to 70 mph, so generally speaking, whoever crosses the finish line first wins the cheese.


Snow Polo

snow polo

This modified form of polo was started in Switzerland in 1985, but since then, it has spread internationally. In the United States, it is played exclusively in Aspen, Colorado. (Yes, it’s still a rich people sport.)

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