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  • Jim and Dwight pranks

    25 Best Jim & Dwight Pranks from The Office

    There are many different kinds of television friendships that have gone down in pop-culture history. Beloved characters like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy, Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, and Jim and Dwight from The Office are simply iconic. For most of these duos, their on-screen personas have underlying dynamic chemistry.  For Jim […] More

  • 25 Hilarious Funny Dog Tags To Tickle Your Doggy Bone

    Does your dog have a unique personality? Maybe he is constantly jumping on people because he thinks treats are coming. Perhaps, she is always chasing her own tail and getting tired. Do you sometimes wish there was a tag that fit your dog’s unique and funny personality? Well, we here at may have the […] More

  • 25 Funny Farmer Jokes

    Did you hear the one about the crying strawberry? or how about the chicken who tells jokes? If you’re looking to tickle your funny bone or your chicken bone then you’re sure to get a chuckle or snort from some of these farmer jokes. Doesn’t matter if you just rode in on the tractor after […] More

  • Top 25 Cat Puns And The History Of Cat Jokes On The Internet

    Top 25 Cat Puns And The History Of Cat Jokes On The Internet

    What could possibly be more “internet” than 25 cat puns? The internet LOVES cats, and it loves stupid humor. Cats truly are the darlings of the internet, and, well, most of history if we’re being honest. We here at List25 thought, “why not dedicate an entire list to punning it up with some cats?” So […] More

  • 25 Worst 90’s Hairstyles We Can’t Believe Were Popular

    The 1990s were a crazy time. Boy bands were a thing; the internet was just getting started, and people were doing ungodly things to their hair. Of course, hairstyles come and go. Some stay past their welcome, and others die quicker than you can say “mullet.” From crimping to spiky hair, there were so many […] More

  • 25 Florida Man Challenge Birthday Results (A Hilarious List)

    The latest Florida Man Challenge goes like this: google “Florida Man, add your birthdate,” (e.g. “Florida Man Feb 20”) and press enter! A list of Florida Man challenges that happened on your birthdate shows up. For kicks, you choose the most absurd results and share them with your friends! If you’re reading and you’re still […] More

  • Popular

    25 Best Spongebob Memes You Can Relate to (List)

    To honor Stephen Hillenburg, the aquatic brains behind Spongebob, the animated series, we present 25 best Spongebob memes! Sadly, Hillenburg died in 2018 from complications related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. However, his goofy and beloved children’s’ series (hey, adults love Spongebob too!) lives on. The silly kids’ show started in 1999 and guess […] More

  • useless life hacks

    25 Useless Life Hacks That Actually Exist!

    We’ve got 25 useless life hacks you’ll probably be surprised works! In the beginning, there was only darkness and confusion, but eventually, the Internet came along. Suddenly we could look up solutions to pretty much anything. It wasn’t just for homework help and proving you know more about movies than your friends. We started to […] More

  • High School

    25 Students You Might Remember From High School

    How can we possibly know the 25 students you might remember from school? We do, and here’s how. It’s during high school where you make some of the best memories of your life. It could be Friday night lights with your friends or after school rehearsals for the school play. The people you went to […] More

  • 15 Things That Everybody Should Do On The John

    Consider this: the average person spends more than an hour and a half in the bathroom, each week. And, when you spend that much time sitting on the john, you’re bound to find ways to entertain yourself while your body does what it needs to do! Here at List25, we want to help you make […] More

  • 25 Best Shakespearean Insults That Are Better than Swearing

    25 Best Shakespearean Insults That Are Better than Swearing

    Prepare to lock and load, here are 25 best Shakespearean insults that are better than swearing! Have you ever wanted to insult someone so badly, that a regular swear word just would not to? I do. ALL. THE. TIME. Especially when I’m driving. And, let me tell you, some people really deserve a barrage of […] More

  • 25 Fun And Clever Riddles For Kids (With Answers)

    25 Fun And Clever Riddles For Kids (With Answers)

    Most people can appreciate a funny riddle. They’re also a good way to keep your mind busy while making it smarter. The best part about riddles is that they are made to be enjoyed by everyone. From clever riddles for adults to silly riddles that’ll make your head hurt, Today, we have some clever and tricky riddles […] More

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