25 Creation Stories From Around The World

Have you ever wondered what kind of creation stories are in the world? There are quite a few. Since the early days of civilization, humanity has pondered the origins of the universe. Fortunately for us, through oral tradition and writing, we can learn about these creation myths. Often, these myths are vastly different, from a universe birthed from chaos to a universe that wasn’t created at all. On the other hand, many of these stories have surprising similarities even when they’re separated geographically from Asia to North America. Ready to hear a few origin stories? Here are 25 Creation Stories From Around The World.

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Australian Aborigine Creation Story

aboriginesSource: http://www.cs.williams.edu/~lindsey/myths/myths_13.html

The indigenous people of Australia told a story of how when everything on Earth was asleep, the Father of All Spirits was the only one awake and woke the Sun Mother. He commanded her to go down and give the spirits of the Earth forms. She woke the plants, insects, caves, and everything on the Earth until it was finished. The Father of All Spirits was pleased with the Sun Mother’s work. Later, the Sun Mother gave birth to two children, the Morning Star, and the moon. Those two gave birth to the children that later became humanity’s ancestors.


Heliopolis Creation Story

Geb_and_Nut03Source: http://www.aldokkan.com/religion/creation.htm

This myth comes out of Ancient Egypt. It states that in the beginning, only a chaotic water existed they called Nun. The sun god Ra appeared from a lotus flower and gave light to the universe. Ra created Shu, the air god, and Tefnut, the goddess of moisture. Those two gave birth to the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb. From them, the physical universe was formed.


Mayan Creation Story

mayan cultureSource: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/the-story-of-god-with-morgan-freeman/articles/creation-myths-from-around-the-world/

In Mayan culture, Tepeu the maker and Gucumatz the feathered spirit created the world with their thoughts. They created beings to look after their creation. First, they made animals of the sky and land but needed a being that could properly communicate, so they made man. They made him out of clay, but he crumbled apart. Then, they tried making him out of wood but he was empty-headed and hearted. Finally, they made men out of corn, and these men were empathetic and intelligent.


Ainu Creation Story

AinuGroupSource: https://japanesemythology.wordpress.com/ainu-creation-myth-of-deitys-descent-on-five-colored-clouds/

In this creation story from the Ainu people, the world was created when oil from the ocean rose up as a flame to the sky. What was left was land, and the vapor created two gods descending on five-colored clouds. Out of these two gods and their colorful clouds, the Earth, including the plants and animals, and other gods were formed.


Rangi and Papa

Rangi_y_PapaSource: https://www.uexpress.com/tell-me-a-story/2005/9/4/rangi-and-papa-a-polynesian-creation

This Polynesian creation myth says the world emerged from a shell. When the shell slowly opened, light came inside. The top of the shell became Rangi, or sky, and the bottom Papa, earth. Rangi and Papa loved each other and gave birth to 70 powerful gods that helped in creating the world as it is today.

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