25 Students You Might Remember From High School

Posted by , Updated on November 16, 2023

How can we possibly know the 25 students you might remember from school? We do, and here’s how.

It’s during high school where you make some of the best memories of your life. It could be Friday night lights with your friends or after school rehearsals for the school play. The people you went to high school to become apart of the stories you will share with your friends and family in the future.

There are a few block characters everyone has to go to high school with; the mean girl, the teacher’s pet or the person who caused too much drama. In this article, you will find 25 Students You Might Remember From High School.


The Guy that Graduated 2 Years Ago, But Still Comes Back to Campus

College Kid

Perhaps he just misses home or maybe he isn’t as cool as he thought he was. Hanging with the high schoolers once you get to college makes you look really lame.


The Future Ivy Leaguer


His or her dad may have just financed the new library. However, the kid must have some brains to back them up. They are most likely involved in two or three after school activities and would never be seen hanging with the bad crowd.


The Homecoming Queen

homecoming queen

The Homecoming Queen is typically friends with everyone. She always has a smile on her face and is the first one to set a positive example.


The Teacher's Pet

Teachers Pet

There’s one in every class. They’re popular with the teachers…but not so popular with the class. While being a teacher’s pet may have its benefits, it’s not a favorable trait to have.


The Lovable Goofball

Goof Ball

He or she may never discover the cure to cancer, but they sure do make biology a little bit more bearable. The goofball is always the first person to crack a joke.


The Future Politician


This over-the-top go-getter is already campaigning for your vote to win a seat on the student council. Their slogan usually goes something like this, “If I’m elected, we will have no more school on Fridays, and smoothie machines in every classroom!” Yeah, that kid.


The Gamer


You don’t need a date when you’ve got an Xbox! The gamer is constantly on their devices and probably has multiple cyber gamer friends from all over the world. He or she defiantly stays up past midnight and usually is the one who has bags under their eyes on Monday.


The Paranoid Kid


Whether they are trying to get you to believe in aliens or the Illuminati, the paranoid kid normally has some convincing evidence to back up their claims. He or she is probably just trying to stay one step ahead of the government…


The Person Who Doesn't Go To Your School Yet Everybody Somehow Knows Him


Seriously, who is this person? How can you be popular in two schools?  They probably went to the same elementary or middle school as some of the people you go to high school with. They say if a friendship lasts longer than five years it will be a lifetime friendship.


The Cheerleader


Typically the mean girl or at least a member of the mean girl group. The cheerleader is either the person you love or the person you love to hate.


The Girl Who is Always Crying

Crying Girl

She’s a walking Lifetime movie and she obviously needs a shoulder to cry on. Whether that person is you or not, you should let your high school counselor know about it. There may be a deeper problem to the issue.


The Student Who Smells Like a Dog


Instead of being mean and dodging that person maybe you can try and help them. Offering them a body spray or even gifting them one could go a long way. The people in your class will thank you. Who knows, you could even make a new friend in the process.


The One Who Has a Band That Never Plays Anywhere


Practicing in a classmate’s basement, in front of a few friends, helps the band prepare for their first show. The talent show counts as a gig too, right?


The Partier


This person normally throws the best house parties or bonfires. Even if you hate to admit it you envy their stories about their boozed filled weekend. It’s okay if you didn’t get invited. Drinking underage isn’t for everyone and trust me that’s a good thing.


The Kid Who Always Hits You Up For Money

no money

Whether it’s lunch money or gas money it’s annoying. A good suggestion to try to handle this situation is to kindly inform that person of a few after school job openings. Always try to be kind because you never know what someone could be going through.


The Girl or Boy Who Has a Way Too Nice of a Car for a 16-Year-Old

nice car

Some parents like to spoil their children and it shows. A 16 year driving an expensive car can even make the teachers jealous. So you can image how the senior who still has to take the bus feels.


The Stoner


The Stoner gets nervous every time the principal has a drug sniffing dog roaming around the hallways. He or she normally has as snack or a drink in hand and never takes anything too seriously.


The Goth Kid


The goth kids may seem a bit spooky in their all-black attire with military-like combat boots, but I bet you they have great music taste! Become friends with the goth kid and they will have you listening to My Chemical Romance by the end of the week.


The Kid Who Is Way Too Into Drama Club


This high school character is always looking for the next chance to bring Shakespearean English into everyday conversations. To them, life is best spoken in King James Version.


The One Who Was Your Friend The Year Before But Now Doesn’t Know You

Old Friends

Everyone changes, especially the summer right before high school. We get it, but it still stings when someone you were friends with pretends not to know you.

You don’t want to be that jerk. So even if you aren’t as close to your middle school friend, still try and give them the respect that they deserve.


The One You Love But Are Too Afraid To Tell

In Love

Oh gosh, there they go, walking right by you in the hall. You can’t bring yourself to ever say anything about how you feel abut them so you live with an emotional ulcer until graduation. Or you break out of your comfort zone and ask that special person on a date.


The One Who Copies Off of Your Paper


You’re either the type of person who doesn’t mind cheating or it drives you completely nuts. If it does bother you, I suggest hiding your paper better.

If it doesn’t, try to make sure the copying isn’t too obvious. You don’t want to get in trouble for being the nice guy.


The Kid That Asks Too Many Questions


Always willing to ask questions at the expense of the entire class having to stay late, he or she just wants to be thorough and overly prepared. They typically have straight A’s and a Type A personality.


The Studious Student

Student Studying

He or she is always the first to be done with an assignment, yet always the last one chosen for dodge ball. The trick is to become good friends with the studious student. Your GPA will thank you.


The Jock

The Jock

Popular on and off the field, the stereotypical Jock normally gets voted to be part of the homecoming court. The best kind of Jocks are the ones with humble egos.

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