25 Bizarre Mormon Rules You Won’t Believe Are Real

Have you ever wondered what else the Mormon’s do besides go on missions and have multiple wives? Well, you’re in luck. Today we’re going to take a look behind the scenes of the Latter Day Saints and learn about some of their more interesting practices. These are 25 crazy mormon rules.


If you don't make it to the highest level of heaven, you will be genderless in the afterlife.

surpriseSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

Girls can only have one piercing per ear and men aren't allowed to have any.

earringSource: exmormon.org

Dating is prohibited until you are 16. After that only group dates are allowed.

datingSource: listabuzz.com

Young men must serve a 2 year mission. They are not allowed to visit family during this time. And oh yea, the mission is at their own expense.

mormon missionariesSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

You are not allowed to get tattoos. If you join after having them, you may be asked to get laser removal.

tattooSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

On Sundays the only thing you are allowed to do is go to church (you can't even watch TV!).

tvSource: exmormon.org

Historically, a man needs at least two wives to get into the highest degree of heaven.

polygamySource: lifeaftermormonism.net

Missionaries cannot play full court basketball. They also can't play basketball in leagues or in tournaments.

Playing basketballSource: lds4u.com,

You must accept whatever job or "calling" the church gives you.

jobSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

You have to fast once per month (this means no food or water for 24 hours).

foodSource: poinkie.com

There is a dress code for church. Women can't wear pants and men have to wear a suit or a white shirt and tie.

suitSource: listabuzz.com

Each member must visit other members once a month and deliver "teachings". For men these are called home teachings, for women they are visiting teachings.

teachingSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

Only men who have completed their mission are supposed to marry (returned missionaries).

Mormon name tagsSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

All Mormons are supposed to return to Missouri before Jesus returns (Missouri was apparently the location of the Garden of Eden).

MissouriSource: exmormon.org

You must attend all meetings. Church on Sundays is the minimum. You can expect numerous other obligations during the week.

churchSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

You cannot question Mormon authority. When the "prophet" speaks it is assumed to be from God.

authoritySource: poinkie.com

You are not allowed to drink coffee (not even decaf!).

coffeeSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

You are expected to have kids. Not having enough financial resources is seen as an invalid excuse.

childSource: listaka.com

You must wear special underwear (we're not even joking. Once you attend temple for the first time you have to wear this underwear, known as garments, day and night).

Mormon garmentsSource: listabuzz.com

Women aren't allowed to wear anything sleeveless.

sleeveless shirtSource: exmormon.org

You are not allowed to drink tea (not even green!).

teaSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

If you want to be with your spouse in the afterlife, you have to get married in the Mormon temple.

Mormon churchSource: poinkie.com

You should keep enough food and water to survive at least 3 months.

water bottlesSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

Since Satan allegedly has power over the lakes and rivers, Mormon missionaries aren't allowed to swim.

riverSource: exmormon.org

You must pass a worthiness interview once a year. This allows you to continue attending the temple.

interviewSource: lifeaftermormonism.net

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