25 Best Magic Tricks

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Whether you’re trapped in an elevator, stuck at a party, or want to impress your friends, it’s always a good idea to know at least one magic trick. The good news is you don’t have to buy expensive kits to make it happen. All you really need is a few household items, determination, and a whole lot of practice. Of course, you won’t become David Blaine overnight, but here is a great place to start with some basics. Thankfully, many of these tricks are pretty easy to learn. In fact, we bet you’ll be able to learn them in a snap. Are you ready to say abracadabra? Here are 25 Best Magic Tricks.


Disappearing Coin

coinSource: http://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-do/activity-articles/disappearing-coin-magic-trick/news-story/6e2bbe3da5456e82dfdaaac68df06488?

While sitting, take a coin and place it on the table. Sweep your hand over the coin and slide it toward yourself. Just as it falls off the table and into your lap, make it look like you scooped it up with your hand. Keep your hand closed and then blow on it before opening it back up to reveal the coin disappeared.


Dollar Bill Trick

dollar billSource: https://www.themaven.net/kidsactivities/kidsactivities/magic-trick-secret-how-to-get-paper-clips-to-attach-KcmqPwOhaUWGj1i3N_tk4A?full=1

Take a dollar bill and fold it into three equal parts, accordion-style. Take two paper clips and attach the top fold to the middle fold with one of the clips. Next, flip it over and attach that top fold to the middle. The paperclips should be on the left and right side of the dollar bill. Grab each end of the dollar bill and pull it out. The friction should bring the paperclips together and cause them to become interlinked and jump off the bill.


Levitating Card

levitating cardSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-floating-card-4019907

You’ll need a playing card, thin black string, a drinking straw, tape, and scissors to make this work. First, cut the length of the straw down so you can tape it on the back of the card without the straw hanging over the sides of the card. Cut a foot or more of the thin black string, thread it through the straw, and tie each end around your thumbs. To make it look like the card levitates, pull your thumbs slowly apart from each other.


Straw Through a Bottle Cap

bottlecapSource: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Do-Awesome-Magic-Trick-With-a-Straw-and-Bot/

You need two bottlecaps and a straw to make this work. First, hammer a hole through the middle of one of the bottle caps. Make the hole just wide enough so the straw grips firmly and isn’t loose. Slide the straw through the hole until the bottlecap is halfway. In one hand, conceal the cap on the straw. Take the other bottle cap into your other hand, and grip it with your index, middle, and thumb fingers. With one smooth motion, thrust the straw down in-between those fingers to knock the bottle cap down into your palm to make it look like the straw drilled through the cap. It’ll take a careful sleight of hand to make it work seamlessly.


Crayon Trick

crayonSource: https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/entertainment/crafts-hobbies/easy-magic-tricks#crayon-magic-trick

This one is for kids. Turn your back to your child with your hands behind your back and ask them to place a crayon of their choice in your hand. Face them with your hands still behind your back and scrape a little of the crayon under your fingernail. Then, wave your hand in front of their face saying, “I’m reading your mind.” Then, tell them the color by looking at the scraping under your nail.


Coin Through Glass

coin in glassSource: http://rebelmagic.com/coin-through-glass-cup/

This trick requires sleight of hand. Taking a small clear glass and a coin, place the coin down on the palm of your right hand and hold the glass in your left. Touch the bottom of the glass down on the coin and close your hand. Do that one more time and misdirect with the glass, showing there’s no second coin. In the meantime, with your hand closed, slide the coin down to your fingertips and when you open it one more time, quickly slap the glass down on the palm of your hand and rock the coin up and into the glass. The quick movement should be enough to make it look like it went right through the glass. This one will take a bit more practice than the others to master.


Bend a Spoon

spoonSource: https://blog.udemy.com/easy-magic-tricks-for-kids/

This trick is all about how you hold it with your hand. Hold the spoon with both hands around the handle. Place the bowl of the spoon down on the table and press it down allowing the handle to run across your hand until it reaches your palm. To your audience, this will look like you’re bending the spoon.


Pen Vanish

penSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3979956/Ta-da-Three-magic-tricks-require-Sharpie-learned-just-two-minutes.html

All this requires is a pen and sleight of hand. Hold the pen between your first finger, middle finger, and thumb. Use the middle finger to pull it back behind your hand and flip it back with your thumb. Use your other hand for distraction. The placement of your hands and how smooth you can flip the pen will determine how realistic it looks.


Floating Ring Trick

floating ringSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-levitate-finger-ring-2267013

You can do this trick with a pencil, a ring, some thin thread, and tape. With the pencil eraser side up, attach the thin string around the top of the pencil with the tape and attach the other side to a button on your shirt. Holding the pencil with your right hand close to you, drop the ring down over the top. Pulling your hand away from your body, the ring will rise up because of the tension on the thread. To create misdirection, use your other hand and wave it around as if you’re using some kind of special power.


Vanishing Water Trick

vanishing waterSource: https://www.thespruce.com/science-magic-trick-vanishing-water-2268198

You’ll need three non-transparent plastic cups, water, and sodium polyacrylate. You can get sodium polyacrylate at a hardware store. Fill one cup with barely a spoonful of the sodium polyacrylate and leave the other two empty. Taking the water, fill up the cup with the sodium polyacrylate but don’t fill the others. Then, swap around the cups for a while, but make it easy for the audience to know which one you put water in. Once done swapping, ask the audience which one had the water. When they answer correctly, tip the cup upside down. Nothing should come out, making it look like the water vanished.


The Bill Roll

dollar billSource: https://www.themaven.net/kidsactivities/kidsactivities/magic-tricks-for-kids-money-roll-over-HMtJJ62nnkyCxZC6jIQasg?full=1

Take two dollar bills with different denominations, for instance, a one and a five. Place one face up and the other face down like they’re making a T-shape. Then, at the corner, slowly roll both together as tightly as possible until it’s almost all the way rolled up. Ask the audience to hold one side while you flip over the other bill underneath your hand. Ask them to hold the other side and unroll the bills. The bill on the bottom should now be on the top.


Magnetic Pencil

pencilSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-the-magnetic-pencil-2267010

Grab a pencil and hold it tight with one hand. Then, grab hold of your wrist from the bottom with the other hand. Using your index finger of the hand holding your wrist, hold the pencil to your palm while letting go of the pencil with your other fingers. Obviously, don’t let the audience see the other side of your hand. Wiggle your fingers, let the pencil drop, and allow the audience to examine the pencil.


Disappearing Ball

bouncy ballSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k4N5WA2ttQ

This will require sleight of hand. Take a ball that you can fit in the palm of your hand. Close your hand over it and make it look like you’re passing it off to the other hand, but really you’re keeping it in the same hand. Slowly reveal the ball was never in there in the first place.


Reversed Card

cardsSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-the-reversed-card-2267066

Before doing the trick, grab a deck of playing cards, pick one card and flip it face up and place it at the very bottom of the deck. Fan out the cards for the participant (without showing them the card that’s face up) and ask them to pick any card. Once they pulled out their card, tell them to memorize the card. In the meantime, close the deck and flip it around. Tell them to put their card back in the deck. Once that happens, you’ll need to slide the top card off the deck and slip it at the bottom of the deck without them seeing. Then, fan out the cards face up. Their card should be the only one that’s face down. Pull it out and show it to them.


Disappearing Ring

ringSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNDexHUV5Zg

This trick is a different variation of the disappearing coin trick. Take a ring off the table but instead of sliding it off into your lap, you pick it up with your right hand and, making a small cup with your left hand, you insert the ring into the cup. Keeping your arm on the table, let the ring slowly slide down your hand and alongside your arm until it rolls off the table into your lap. Take your time rubbing your fingers together and making a show of the ring vanishing and then reveal your open hands.


Cut to 4 Aces

Four_AcesSource: https://www.thespruce.com/cut-to-four-aces-magic-card-trick-2266982

Prepare a deck of playing cards to have two aces on the top and two on the bottom. Do a slip cut where you pull a portion of the deck out while pressing your thumb down on the top card. Put down that portion on the table and then ask the person to cut the deck wherever they want. Ask them to place that down. Then, shuffle the cards so the bottom card is on the top and do that two times so four stacks of cards are on the table. If you played the cards right, four aces should appear at the top of each stack.


Coin Appearing Out of Thin Air

coin appearSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v7yBvUdkXg

Place a quarter in the area between your index finger and your thumb to conceal the coin. Make sure your hand is at the right angle so your audience can’t see the quarter. Wave your other hand around and then close the hand with the quarter. Let the quarter drop into your other hand and then reveal the quarter.


Dollar in Candy Trick

mmSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MtLwdViqrg

Get a bag of M&M’s and with a paring knife, cut a slit into the bag. Insert a folded dollar and tape it back up so it looks like it wasn’t opened. When you go to the store that has M&M’s, set it down as something you’re going to buy, and then say you don’t have enough money to pay. But, then, open up the M&M bag and ask if the money inside it is enough.


Dollar Bill Through Another Dollar Bill

dollarSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6XTAZx_FUU

Taking two different denominations of dollar bills, fold both in half longways. Then, in the middle of one, slightly crimp it, accordian style so it has a barely noticeable fold. Hold that dollar bill with your thumb and middle finger to hide the crimp. Place the other bill under the crimp and fold it over. Slowly pull that dollar bill both ways until it looks like it slid right through the other dollar bill.


The Color Changing Card

playing cardsSource: https://www.thespruce.com/easy-magic-trick-color-changing-card-2267040

Taking a deck of blue playing cards; you’ll need one card that is red. Put the red card at the bottom of the deck. Fan out the cards without showing the red card and then do a Hindu shuffle and ask the participant to say, “Stop.” Show the bottom card of the portion that’s in your right hand and place it face up and place the full deck face down. Then, spread the deck across the table and flip over the card that’s face up to reveal it’s a different color.


Pushing Coin Through Your Hand

coin handSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD4R8g3QPlI

You’ll need two coins for this trick. Place one coin in-between your thumb and index finger and hide it from your audience. With the other coin, place it on top of that hand and pretend like you’re trying to find a “soft spot” to penetrate it through. Do a three count and slide that coin up into your hand while dropping the one you’re hiding.


4 of Diamonds Trick

4 of diamondsSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VACRkT6shGQ

You’ll need a deck of playing cards, the card box, an extra folded up 4 of Diamonds Card, and a dollar bill. Beforehand, place a folded up 4 of diamonds inside the box. Keep another 4 of diamonds on top of the deck and tell your participant to take the top card, look at it, and put it anywhere in the deck. Once they do it, tell them you’ll bet a dollar you can find the card. Make it look like you’re putting the dollar in the box but really you’re slipping it underneath. Close the box and place it down. Put the dollar and deck in your pocket and then snap your finger over the box and say, “I just found your card.” Open the box, and the only thing that will come out is the 4 of Diamonds.


Transforming Key

keySource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVVmD9XKRW4

The disappearing key is a more advanced sleight of hand trick similar to the disappearing ball. First, take a quarter and put it in your left hand without anyone seeing it. Then, take out a key and show it to the audience before making it look like you’re passing it off to your left hand. Really, you kept it in your right hand and placed it in your pocket to pull out more extra change. Take another quarter from the extra change and slowly slip it into the left fist. Jingle it around so there is a clinking noise as if the key is in there and then reveal the two quarters.


Pencil in the Head

pencilSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0rQKaTHSoA

Using just a pencil, grab the eraser end with two fingers and place it up to your nose. With your other hand curved, slide it up as if you’re shoving it up your nose and then quickly move your hands over to your ear and slide it back out. The quick motion makes it look like it’s going through your head.


Penny Through Tic-Tac Box

tic tacSource: http://rebelmagic.com/penny-tictac-box/

You’ll need an empty Tic-Tac box and two pennies for this trick. Put one penny inside the empty Tic-Tac box and pinch the sides of the box to allow the penny to slide up into a crevice that’ll keep it in place and hidden behind the wrapping. With the other penny in your hand, tap the box with it a few times before releasing the penny inside and with sleight of hand, keeping the penny you had. It’ll look like a penny went through the box.

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