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  • Flat Earth society

    20 Celebrities That Think The Earth is Flat

    Ancient historians who lived thousands of years ago, like Hectaeus and Miletus, believed the Earth had a flat shape. Many also believed it was surrounded by water. Over time, other Greek theories emerged. Philosophers more commonly agreed with the idea of a spherical Earth. In 330 BC, Aristotle provided evidence to support the theory for […] More

  • Combat Climate Change

    25 Simple Changes You can Make to Combat Climate Change

    Scientists believe the earth began over 4.5 billion years ago. The third planet from the sun is currently the only astronomical object known to harbor intelligent life. For much of our planet’s history, its existence has continued unhindered by human activity. Only toward the middle of the 20th century did the earth started to feel […] More

  • Neptune facts

    25 Things You Need To Know About Neptune

    Due to its gorgeous color, this planet was named after the Greek god of the sea and ocean, Poseidon. According to science, it’s also the coldest and windiest planet of our solar system. This, despite its core producing almost as much heat as the sun. Speaking of the sun, this planet also happens to be […] More

  • facts about Saturn

    25 Dizzying Facts About Planet Saturn

    Saturn is often called the most beautiful planet in the solar system, but we understand that it’s a matter of taste. Regardless of one’s preference, we can agree that Saturn stands out from the rest of the planets. Thanks to its impressive rings and immense size, many consider Saturn one of the most fascinating planets […] More

  • facts about planet Mercury

    25 Amazing But True Facts About the Planet Mercury

    Mercury was officially observed for the first time 2,200 years ago. However, we still know very little about this planet compared to other more “popular” planets of our solar system. Mercury is rarely visible. As such, it has always been difficult for astronomers to observe it through a telescope. Due to its proximity to the […] More

  • Venus

    Top 25 Things Everyone Should Know About The Planet Venus

    Humans are naturally curious. It’s possibly one of the most defining characteristics of our species. Some believe that our drive to figure out new things and to explore new places is why we ended up evolving away from primates. But once we started running out of things to be curious about here on Earth, we […] More

  • expensive apps

    25 Most Expensive Phone Apps In The Market

    Apps are awesome and everybody knows that. What’s not to love about living in a high-tech world where little boxes in our smartphones can do anything for us? From calling us a taxi to delivering our groceries with the click of a button, apps make life easier. What’s even better is that most of these […] More

  • 20 Surprising Facts About Hazel Eyes

    Science has concluded that eye color can reveal a lot of information about one’s personality. Hazel eyes are undoubtedly some of the most mysterious, rare and pretty eye colors out there. For that matter, many celebrities who supposedly have hazel eyes, in reality are wearing contact lens. We are staring at you Rihanna! So what’s […] More

  • 25 Scary Facts About Plastic Pollution That'll Change Your Habits

    25 Scary Facts About Plastic Pollution That’ll Change Your Habits

    Before I drop some facts about plastic pollution, take a moment to look around you. Whether it be your phone case, the cup you’re sipping from, or the container that holds your lunch, almost everything is made of plastic. We use plastic products so much they are literally apart of us. Don’t believe me?  The Environmental […] More

  • nuclear weapons

    25 Reasons We Need to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

    The idea of getting rid of nuclear weapons can be a sensitive topic. We get that. Many feel they’re a necessity, but usually, those feelings are driven by fear. In reality, nuclear weapons have more cons than pros. For instance, they potentially could cause the deaths of millions of innocent people, are harmful to the […] More

  • enlarged photos of smiling mouths over man and woman's faces

    25 Reasons You Need To Laugh Out Loud Often

    With so many controversial events going on around us, it’s tempting to sulk in discouragement. People need to laugh more often these days. From getting the giggles with funny jokes to looking at the funniest cat memes on the internet, laughter is good medicine. Life is far too short and precious to spend the majority of […] More

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