25 Movies That Would End Within A Few Minutes If They Happened Today

Posted by , Updated on November 3, 2022

Movies often require you to suspend your disbelief. And this is not a bad thing. If you couldn’t do that then the whole concept of movies would be ruined. All you would every think about is how fake it is and why those actors are so scared. The camera crew is right there! Ok, that sounds dumb. But the point is that to enjoy any theatrical production you have to suspend your imagination. You have to enter into the world of the characters, whether they are on stage or on screen. In some movies, however, you are required to do this a lot more than in others. Oftentimes, this will happen when you are watching really old movies. Or maybe not even that old. Because in case you haven’t realized, rapid technological advancements like the internet and mobile phones have punched gaping holes in the storylines and plots of numerous blockbusters. Take something as basic as Star Wars. Why didn’t Leia just email the plans? Or text message? Or use Facebook? And speaking of Facebook. The entire plot of movies like 16 candles gets thrown out the window right there. Seriously? How can you forget anybody’s birthday anymore? It’s thrown in your face every time you go on the internet! These are 25 movies that would end within a few minutes if they happened today!

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Romeo And Juliet

Romeo And JulietSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Forget Friar John, just send a text. Disaster averted.



ChangelingSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

“That’s not my son”. “Yes it is”.”Not according to this DNA test”. Movie over.


Around The World In 80 Days

Around The World In 80 DaysSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

More like Around The World In 1 Day.


Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You CanSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Good luck pretending to be a pilot post 9/11.


The X-Files

The X-FilesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

We know, it’s mostly a TV series, but that’s ok. If only Mulder had a camera phone, those episodes would go differently.


Star Wars

Star WarsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

R2D2 would have emailed the Death Star plans to the rebellion



TitanicSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Too bad they didn’t have sonar.



ScreamSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

And the movie gets ruined by caller ID.


Dude, Where's My Car?

Dude, Where's My Car?Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Don’t know, ask OnStar.


16 Candles

16 CandlesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Facebook would remind everyone about her birthday



PhoneboothSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Does anybody even use those anymore?

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Wayne's World

Wayne's WorldSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

They would have just gone straight to Youtube.


The Ring

The RingSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Barely anybody has VCRs anymore. And TVs are usually mounted. Crawling out of the screen just wouldn’t work very well.


Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The WaySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Just buy your Christmas presents on Amazon. Disaster averted.



BuriedSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Just turn the GPS on.


Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

Harold And Kumar Go To White CastleSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

They just called Uber.


Old Yeller

Old YellerSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If only the dog had its shots…



GooniesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Do kids even play outside anymore?



ChristineSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Driverless cars aren’t that scary anymore.


Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Dorothy would have been warned about an incoming tornado and evacuated to the nearest shelter.


You've Got Mail

You've Got MailSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

And it was marked as spam.



HolesSource: reddit, Image: torange.us

So…should we use this metal detector?


The Notebook

The NotebookSource: reddit, Image: Jason Rogers via flickr

You didn’t check your inbox?


King Kong

King KongSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

And the F-16 wins.



SupermanSource: reddit, Image: Gareth Simpson via Flickr

Sorry Clark, it’s the phone booth problem again. Nobody uses them. Guess you don’t have anywhere to change…

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