25 Ways To Overcome Depression And Improve Your Mood

Depression kills. It literally kills. And as much as we hate using the word “literally” because it makes you sound like a teenage girl (no offense teenage girls…carry on with your vernacular) and because English speakers have started to abuse it and many times even use it when they mean to say “figuratively” or “actually”…we will digress and use the word “literally” in its proper form. Depression is a terrible thing. It clouds your mind and makes you feel as though there is no escape from the hole into which you have fallen. In fact, the vast majority of suicides and drug abuse are in some way linked to depression. Even obesity is related. Why? Well, life gets you down, you get depressed, you eat, you gain weight, you lose self esteem, you get more depressed, you eat some more. It’s a vicious cycle. And however your depression manifests itself, it is critical to get help. There are doctors, therapists, and even drugs that can help you bring back that sunshine into your life. So, whether you or someone you know or love is suffering from depression, these are 25 ways to overcome depression and improve your mood!

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Get outside

Get outsideSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

We’ll start with something simple. The first step is to go on a walk. Just going outside and getting out of your room changes things.


Stop negative self talk

Stop negative self talkSource: reddit

This means challenging your thought patterns. Acknowledge the fact that you have them, but don’t lend them too much weight.


Eat healthy

Eat healthySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This goes along with our holistic and natural way of boosting your mood. Eating healthy food is not only good for you but it will make you feel better too.



SleepSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is something that most people underestimate. Sleep has an incredible effect on our mood.


Listen to happy music

Listen to happy musicSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You may only want to listen to sad emo tunes, but that is not helpful. Music is one of the best ways to access your emotions and feelings.

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