25 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Don’t

Being poor isn’t easy. Sounds pretty obvious right? Everyone knows that poor people have it harder. But what’s interesting is just how much of a disconnect there often is between wealthier people and their poorer peers. Although Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other parts of the globe all have relatively high standards of living, there is still poverty. Maybe not in the sub-Saharan Africa sense of the word, but definitely enough poverty that upper and lower classes are farther apart than is sustainable in the long term.

The fact is that we’re all pretty quick to judge one another on how we should be living, what she would be buying, or where we should be shopping, especially when it comes to different economic classes. From each end there is always a passionate argument; for example, on one end, poor people shouldn’t have iPhones because that’s irresponsible, and from the other direction, rich people shouldn’t make such risky investments because that’s irresponsible.

The bottomline is this, rich and poor often don’t come into contact with one another. People who don’t have enough money to even buy a car aren’t often found in the same social circles as those who live in gated neighborhoods. A lot of this could be solved simply by understanding and spending time with people that are different from us. Unfortunately, that probably won’t ever happen. Instead, we offer you this list. These are 25 things poor people do that rich people don’t.

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Buy veterinary medications

Veterinary medicationsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Ok, rich people buy these too, but they buy them for their pets. Poor people buy them because meds can be cheaper when you buy them for animals. Or across the border…


Buy things rent-to-own

Anything rent-to-ownSource: thoughtcatalog

As you’ll see with a lot of things on this list, when you’re poor, you end up spending more money in the long run.


Hunt for food

Hunting gearImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

The difference between rich people hunting and poor people hunting is that the poor people actually eat the animal to stave off their hunger. And yes, there are poor people who hunt for food in the United States.



SPAMImage: pixabay, Source: 9gag

You’re a strange rich person if you buy these.


Buy craigslist furniture

Craigslist furnitureImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Sometimes people just want you to come and pick it up, no cost. You can actually find pretty decent furniture this way.

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