25 Regrettable Corporate Facepalms You Probably Recall

Corporations aren’t exactly known for their finesse. They’re big, clumsy, and tend to make the worst sorts of mistakes when it comes to dealing with delicate social and relational issues. In fact, there is hardly a corporation or big business out there that doesn’t have its fair share of knuckle-headed facepalms to its name.

Now, some of these moments are much worse than others. The fact is, when some loose cannon gets a hold of Big Company XYZ’s twitter and starts posting ignorant tweets, it definitely looks bad on Big Company XYZ. Perhaps it’s not so surprising then that big corporations always seem to get in trouble like this. They hire interns, newbies, and have thousands of people under their umbrella. Without a doubt somebody is eventually going to say or do something worthy of a face palm.

Luckily for the corporations, not only do they have lots of potential people working for them that can mess things up, but they also have a whole team of lawyers and public relations officials that will cover their footsteps. Of course, for us that’s not a good thing, but that never stopped us from digging up these 25 Regrettable Corporate Facepalms You Probably Recall!

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EAImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

They put SimCity online to combat piracy but quoted a bunch of other reasons like computers not being able to “handle” the game. Sure enough, backlash forced them to release an offline version not long afterwards.



CokeImage: pixabay, Source: wikipedia

Apparently Coca-Cola forgot that Fanta was created in Nazi Germany due to a trade embargo. When they came out with their “history of Fanta” ad, the narrator quips, “We are bringing back the feeling of the ‘Good Old Times.'” The ad was pulled shortly thereafter.




JCPennyImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

When JCPenny introduced its “fair and square” pricing, they removed all sales and sold products at their actual price. Apparently, however, customers like using coupons to buy artificially inflated products. In fact, many customers quit shopping at JCPenny because they felt like they weren’t getting good deals.

Note: In case you didn’t know, this shows why deceptive pricing is standard in the retail industry. People like it.



UberImage: youtube, Source: wikipedia

During the hostage crisis in Sydney in 2014, Uber implemented surge pricing. That basically means that as demand increased, the price shot up. They tried to defend it by saying that they were encouraging drivers to come pick people up. Perhaps not surprisingly, it backfired, and Uber ended up offering free rides not long after.



BREINSource: wikipedia

This Dutch anti-piracy group is one of the most vocal anti-piracy groups out there, so when they got caught pirating music for one of their anti-piracy ads…well, it made the news.

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