25 Worthless College Degrees People Keep Applying For

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It’s sad to say, but there are plenty of worthless college degrees that universities offer. When you enter college for the first time, choosing a major can be difficult. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I want to be in ten years?” Usually, young, starry eyed dreamers walk into the hallowed halls of college, wanting to study their favorite subject, regardless if it’ll get them a job or not. But, I think we can all agree, that’s one expensive waste of money. Not all degrees are created equal. Many are much more appealing to companies and headhunters. For instance, you’re much more likely to get a job in a specialized field like medicine or engineering. Rather than wasting money on a degree that won’t get you anywhere, study about it at the library on the side. What are those worthless degrees, you ask? Well, I’m here to help you out. Here are 25 Worthless College Degrees People Keep Applying For.




Did you just watch Indiana Jones, and now you want to be an archaeologist? Hold your horses, Indie! While you’ll surely learn interesting things and go on some cool exhibitions, a career in anthropology almost always requires a doctorate. Just a bachelors degree in anthropology is not enough.


Performing Arts


Back in my acting days, I remember wanting to major in Performing Arts. I thought this would ensure my path to stardom. However, they told me becoming a well paid, and successful actor is more difficult than winning the lottery. The unemployment rate is over 9% and you’re looking to make no more than a little over 40,000 a year.




According to a study, an architecture major graduate has the biggest chance of unemployment with this degree. The unemployment rate is over 13% for recent graduates.




Sociology is the study of people or groups but doesn’t offer any skills that most employers would find useful. The average of unemployment for a sociology major is almost 10% compared to other majors.




Most people with this major usually go on to become either a teacher of history or a museum curator and a degree is not. However, the unemployment rate for a graduate with a History degree is at almost 18% and the reason for this is the lack of careers in this field of study.


International Studies


The unemployment rate for this degree is 9.93%. Most companies that require this degree also want someone who speaks a variety of languages. So, if all you know how to say in any language is, “Where is the nearest bus stop?” You might want to think of a different major or download a language learning app.


Religious Studies

religionstudiesSource: https://www.kiplinger.com/

The pay rate for jobs in this major are not that high, but if you’re looking to be a priest, you’re probably not in it for the money. A starting salary in the religious field is anywhere from $38,000 to over $43,000. A mid-career salary is a little over $62,000.


Exercise Science

exercisescipichttps://www.kiplinger.com/, https://puckermob.com/

If you want to be a physical trainer, get a certificate from a school that specializes in physical fitness. It’s not necessary to spend money on a degree from a university for a major in Exercise Science. Most employers in the industry don’t even look at it. Also, the average pay is only a little over $32,000 a year.




You can either sing, play an instrument, or both. You either have a talent or you don’t. A Music degree is not going to change that. Save your money and start playing open mics.


Paralegal Studies


There used to be a higher demand for this position. Today, because there are so many paralegals and many are willing to work for lower salaries, it doesn’t pay to spend money on a degree.


Video and Photographic Arts

videoartspic 2https://www.businessinsider.com/

If you’re taking this major for love of the craft, then you’ll be okay. If the only reason you’re majoring in Video and Photographic Arts is that you think you’ll be a famous photographer, then I’m afraid I have some bad news. The unemployment rate for recent graduates is over 11% and a salary is only $50,000 a year.


Library Studies


Since libraries are receiving less money then they were in the past, there is not much of a hiring boom for librarians. You can now rent your books online on your smart phone.

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Educational Psychology


This is not actually a complete waste. Educational Psychologists typically work with children, and because children’s brains need nurturing and stimulation, there will always be a need for people in this field. However, a 4-year degree is not enough for a career. Most psychologists have Masters and Doctorate degrees.




Just like Educational Psychology, it’s not enough to just have a four-year degree. The unemployment rate for a graduate with a psychology degree is almost 20%.




I was part of the poetry community for a while. I performed in competitions and was even part of a group. I can tell you that not many poets make a career out of poetry. If you have a love for the arts, then do it, but be prepared for frustration. The unemployment rate is over 11%.


Hospitality and Tourism


A hospitality graduate only makes an average salary of a little over $35,000 a year, and unless you become a hotel manager those rates probably won’t go up much.


Culinary Arts


Most hiring restaurant managers don’t really care if you have a Culinary Arts Degree. They want skill and experience. I’m not saying this degree will hurt you, but you’re better off applying to restaurants and showing what skills you have.


Liberal Arts


At one time, Liberal Arts degrees were held in high esteem. No longer. Today, they’re worthless. There is not a lot you can do with a Liberal Arts degree. The unemployment rate for liberal arts major is nearly 8%.




Having a Journalism degree is impressive, but it won’t get you a lucrative job. Unless you have world experience and a portfolio, it won’t get you a job at any news station. The average unemployment rate is over 7%.




This is one of the easiest, most obtainable degrees. However, just take the courses online. You won’t learn anything in a classroom that you can’t learn on the internet, at the library, or just getting out there and doing it.


Creative Writing


Most people who major in Creative Writing hope they’ll learn how to write a best selling novel. But, honestly, very few well-known novelists became famous because they got a degree in Creative Writing. They read books, wrote novels, and got an agent. Save your money and just start writing.




I’m all for taking some Philosophy classes while you’re a freshman. You’ll learn to look at a variety of things in a unique way. However, there is not many, if any philosophy careers, unless you want to be that guy in the coffee shop, sipping dark roast, and quoting Nietzsche. The unemployment rate is at almost 11%.


Criminal Justice


According to detectives, if you want to become a police officer or work in the criminal justice system, then you don’t need a Criminal Justice degree. Actually, some don’t even require it at all. According to a study, 3.3% of graduates are unemployed.




This degree makes the least sense. If you want to start a business, then watch YouTube, or simply just learn through trial and error. Please, don’t waste your money, or your parent’s money.


Graphic Design


A graphic designer starting out in the field makes on average a little over $40,000 a year and that rate is only projected to go up only a little over 6% in coming years.

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