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  • 25 Movie Cliches You Will Never Want To See Again

    Have you ever watched a movie that was ruined by a moment you saw happening a mile away? You knew it would happen because it’s been repeated a gazillion times in so many different films. Whether it’s an evil mirror in a horror film or a bomb that is diffused in seconds, Hollywood puts the […] More

  • Top 25 Best Things to Watch on Apple TV Plus

    Apple, you know, the ones responsible for the iPhone, Macbooks, and iTunes, has taken the first step in planting its feet firmly in the ground of streaming with Apple TV Plus. Apple TV plus is an in-house streaming service that does not feature reruns or last year movies, but instead focuses on original programming. The […] More

  • kids TV shows that adults love

    25 Kids’ TV Shows That Adults Secretly Love Watching Too

    Do you have any television programs that you might be hesitant to admit that you like? Is one of the reasons you don’t want to confess your admiration for these shows because they are geared towards children? Don’t feel bad! Many adults secretly love kids’ shows. After all, they offer a fantastic escape from reality […] More

  • facts about the film industry

    25 Things You Never Knew about the Film Industry

    Do you ever dream of “making it in Hollywood”? Your name on billboards, dining at only the finest restaurants, living in a mansion, driving a fancy car, and having some of the biggest names in Tinseltown as your closest friends? Or perhaps you just like movies and want to know a little more about the […] More

  • 25 Stupid Comments We’ve Gotten That Will Make You Cringe

    Have you ever experienced inhospitable language and attitude on YouTube comments? (Why am I even asking that? Of course, you have!) Sometimes it feels as if the majority of commenters on YouTube are just waiting in the corner to insult and troll others the very first chance they get. These YouTube trolls just let you […] More

  • historical moments from 2010s

    25 Historic Moments from the 2010s That Will Go Down In History Books

    Ideas in the political and cultural realm these days have a much shorter life span than they did before the Internet. They simply don’t have the time to develop before everyone grows tired of them and ready to move on. This makes it really hard to develop decade-defining styles, fashion, and ideologies in comparison to […] More

  • dangerous fictional sports

    25 Fictional Sports That Would be Crazy Dangerous in Real Life

    A sport, by definition, is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Some of these include football, soccer, hockey, baseball, boxing, and the UFC. Although many of these activities do result in injury, they are not nearly as dangerous as some made-up […] More

  • TV show remake

    25 Nearly Forgotten Movies and TV Shows That Deserve Reboots

    What movies or television shows do you have fond memories of? Some of us loved action and adventure flicks while others enjoyed science fiction. Perhaps you remember watching a sitcom about a family you secretly wished you were a part of. There are plenty of movies and television programs that shaped a generation. T.V shows […] More

  • 25 Awesome Easter Eggs Hidden in Popular TV Shows

    Have you ever heard the term “Easter egg” mentioned regarding a TV show? Perhaps you wondered what it meant. Easter eggs refer to hidden references, inside jokes, or clues placed in popular media. You might find them in movies, TV shows, video games, and computer software. Looking for them feels like conducting an Easter egg […] More

  • Trending

    25 Best and Surprising Ways To Experience Music

    “Music is powerful. It speaks to a primal pit in our brains. It makes anyone wanna get up and get their knees going’. A good song can really wrap people up in a mood, better than any words alone could.” ~ Jake the Dog & Music Hole (Adventure Time) It’s true. Music might be the […] More

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