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  • Socks with Brutally Honest Messages

    Socks With Brutally Honest Messages (List25)

    What entails the list, ‘Socks With Brutally Honest Messages?’ A lot! I am a huge fan of socks. They keep my feet warm and help blister free. Luckily, thanks to the interwebs, Amazon, and some creative genius, they can also be a fashion statement. In the case of these socks, though, they mainly just make […] More

  • pick up lines

    The Best Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

    You’re wondering to yourself if these are the best pick up lines that actually work. Well, you won’t know till you try them out! Pick up lines are known for their funny cheesy qualities and sometimes even crude demeanor. However, there is something romantic about pick up lines. The hopes of making a stranger fall […] More

  • 12 Best Bird Box Memes

    12 Best Bird Box Memes (Netflix Movie with Sandra Bullock)

    With fairly positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and over 45 million views on Netflix, it’s safe to say “Bird Box” is a huge hit. Having Sandra Bullock in the central role was a good choice. Sure, it sounds like a subtle copy of “A Quiet Place,” but that won’t stop you from washing it down […] More

  • hilarious new years resolutions

    Hilarious New Year’s Resolution Quotes To Make You Step It Up A Notch

    If you’re like most people, you probably have a few resolutions queued up for the New Year. Creating a New Year’s resolutions is a tradition for many people all around the world. It was created by the Romans. They started each year with promises to their gods to return borrowed items and pay back debts. […] More

  • 25 Hilarious Help Wanted Advertisements

    25 Hilarious Help Wanted Advertisements

    Hiring good people is tough. Thankfully, out of that difficulty arises hilarious help wanted advertisements. Companies and hiring managers work hard to find the best and the brightest. Too often, they fall short of that goal, finding a handful of poorly qualified candidates that couldn’t spell responsibility to save their life. Still, if you’re a […] More

  • best puns ever

    Top 20 Best Puns Ever To Crack Your Friends Up

    So, you want to crack your friends up with the best puns ever? As you may already know, puns are a tricky business. In the world of comedy, poorly written puns have earned a bad reputation. People roll their eyes at them and generally think they’re lame. But, I’m here to tell you, a clever […] More

  • Elf on the Shelf under Christmas tree

    Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Memes You’ll Want to See

    Tis the season…the season of the Elf. I’m not talking about the movie today, although that movie for sure holds a special place in my holiday season-loving heart. Today, I’m talking about Elf on the Shelf, and more specifically Elf on the Shelf memes. Why? Because here at List25, puns hold a special place in […] More

  • cat shaming photos

    25 Side-Splitting Cat Shaming Photos You’ve Got To See

    Cats are notorious for all sorts of mischief, and the only way their human parents have been able to punish them is through cat shaming photos. If you’re a cat owner, you know what I’m talking about. Cats push glasses off tables for no reason. They sneak around corners and attack unknowing family members. Not […] More

  • so it begins

    Hilarious Work Memes To Get You Through Your Day (List25)

    Work is a disease and the only cure is hilarious work memes to get you through your day. No one tells you work is a total bear. Even if you they do, you don’t believe them. You might get a bad whiff while working odd jobs, but that doesn’t kill your optimism. Naively, you hold […] More

  • A mugshot of a man named Donald Duck

    Most Unfortunate Names You Never Want To Be Stuck With

    We may not think much about our own names or names in general, but like it or not, they have a huge impact on our lives and the assumptions others make of us. The name we grew up with carries lots of information, like class, educational level, and nationality. Names even carry certain stigmas. For […] More

  • really bored looking mad leaning on his elbows, hands on face

    25 Hilarious Ways To Annihilate Boredom

    Feeling kind of bored and in need of a pick-me-up? Have we got some ideas for you! Sure, you could just watch some more Netflix or go out with your friends, but even that can turn dull. Sometimes we all need a little extra something to spice’n up our lives.  To help you avoid falling […] More

  • epic fail

    25 Epic Fail GIFs That will Make You Laugh Out Loud (Literally)

    Thanks to CompuServe and their animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), watching fails has never been more satisfying, or educational. So, as you skim through these fail GIFs, you may want to take some mental notes, like always check the wall for a door before kicking it down, don’t punch grinning street signs, and whatever you […] More

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