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  • The Best Vegan Spots for Fast Casual Dining from Restaurant

    Eating out as a vegan can be tough. So many restaurants just don’t get it. “Of course the omelet is vegan! Oh… eggs are a problem?” Luckily, you’re no longer limited to picking at a skimpy salad while your lunch date chows down on a taco with the works while slurping a creamy milkshake. The […] More

  • 25 Reasons Why You And Your Ex Broke Up

    Breakups will crack your heart open and can make you feel like a failure, but using the light that shines through those cracks as an opportunity for reflection will illuminate what went wrong. This can prevent you from making the same mistakes twice or even give you the opportunity to fix the ones you have […] More

  • 25 Classic Films We Would All Want to See Remade

    There is nothing better than reminiscing about the good old days. Certain senses can help trigger a childhood memory more than others. For example, a familiar smell or taste has the power to transport you back to a distinct moment in your life. Watching an old favorite movie can also have that same mystical effect.  […] More

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    25 Historical Photos That Will Give You The Creeps

    Historical photos are more than pictures of statues and solemn travelers on the open plains. They can often show us goosebump-inducing images that shock and send a chill up our spines. The moments captured in these photos are some of the eeriest images that ever captured; they’re unsettling, and they each have a story behind […] More

  • 25 Games that only ’90s Kids Will Remember

    In an era of high-speed internet, tablets, and lifelike virtual reality, it’s hard to imagine the modern-day youth playing with the same games ’90s kids used to obsess over. Back in the day, if you wanted to use the world wide web, you had to wait an uncertain amount of time either for someone to […] More

  • 25 Horror Films to Binge on Netflix this Halloween

    Get out your broomsticks and cauldrons because it’s almost the spookiest time of year! There is something spectacular about the month of October. Perhaps it’s finding the beauty in all those decaying leaves. Perhaps it’s carving pumpkins, decorating with spiderwebs, or just binge-watching horror films with your friends and family!  Whatever makes you love October, […] More

  • 25 Highest Paid E-Sports Gamers

    It comes to no surprise that professional athletes all over the world are earning salaries in the millions. However, did you know that professional gamers are earning close to those figures as well? Yes, that’s right, there are people who are currently getting paid a crazy amount of money to simply play video games. Don’t […] More

  • enlarged photos of smiling mouths over man and woman's faces

    25 Reasons You Need To Laugh Out Loud Often

    With so many controversial events going on around us, it’s tempting to sulk in discouragement. People need to laugh more often these days. From getting the giggles with funny jokes to looking at the funniest cat memes on the internet, laughter is good medicine. Life is far too short and precious to spend the majority of […] More

  • 25 of Humanity’s Most Brutal Methods of Execution

    Consider yourself lucky. If you are reading this you most likely not only live in a society blessed by a functioning legal system you also probably live in a society in which that system makes an attempt to fairly and efficiently deliver justice, especially in the case of capital punishment. For most of history rather […] More

  • 25 Things You Wouldn't Believe About These Countries

    25 Things You Wouldn’t Believe About These Countries

    Depending upon your definition, and whether or not you count Taiwan, there are “approximately” 196 countries in the world as of this writing. So while you may consider yourself to be a knowledgeable global citizen, and we’re sure you are, given the dynamic and complex nature of our planet there are certain to be at […] More

  • Barack Obama Net Worth

    Net Worth $40 Million Age 57 Born August 4, 1961 Country of Origin United States of America Source of Wealth 44th President of the United States What is Barack Obama’s net worth? We have some answers. Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. Obama didn’t have much of a […] More

  • Meek Mill Net Worth

    Net Worth $14 Million Age 32 Born May 6, 1987 Country of Origin United States of America Source of Wealth Professional Singer/Actor What is Meek Mill’s net worth? Here’s what we know. Meek was born Robert Rihmeek Williams in South Philadelphia on May 6, 1987. He was raised on the northside of his hometown by […] More

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