25 Best Jim & Dwight Pranks from The Office

Posted by , Updated on April 24, 2024

There have been numerous types of television relationships that have made a significant impression in popular culture history. The cherished duos of Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy, Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, and Jim and Dwight from The Office represent iconic examples.

For most of these duos, their on-screen personas have underlying dynamic chemistry. 

For Jim and Dwight, their friendship began as an office rivalry. What started as a practical joke quickly escalated into an ongoing battle of pranks.

Throughout each season, Jim and Dwight perform hilarious acts to get on the other person’s nerves. Whether they pull a prank or a practical joke, such as putting stationary in jello or sending the other person faxes from the future, the results never fail to make viewers laugh.


Jello Stapler


One of the very first practical jokes Jim ever played on Dwight was the infamous jello stapler prank.

When Dwight opens his desk drawer, he finds that his stapler has been put in jello yet again.

A very frustrated Dwight goes to Michael and tells him its the third time that this has happened.

Michael suggests that Dwight eat the stapler out of the jello because there are very hungry people in the world.


Vending Machine Stationary

Vending Machinehttps://ew.com/gallery/office-jims-best-pranks/

Imagine coming into work to find that most of your belongings were put in the office’s vending machine. This was a reality for Dwight in season two, the “Booze Cruise” episode.

Thanks to Jim, Dwight was able to buy almost all of his items back one nickel at a time.

However, Pam did beat Dwight in purchasing his beloved pencil cup.


Bathroom Office


In season two, episode six, Dwight storms into work to find that his desk is missing. He threatens to tell Micheal if no one tells him the whereabouts of his desk.

However, Jim begins playing a game of hot and cold to get Dwight to start searching for his belongings.

After rummaging through the entire office, he finally locates his desk in the men’s bathroom. 


Dwight Impersonator


It’s a typical morning in the office for Dwight as he begins his workday.

Jim walks in and takes a seat at his desk. He then proceeds to ask Dwight which kind of bear is best before quickly declaring, “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.”

Dwight looks up from his work to see that Jim is dressed exactly like him … down to his calculator watch.

A very disturbed Dwight then proceeds to yell that identity theft is not a joke! Jim proudly confesses in the interview room that the whole Dwight outfit only cost him $11.




Dwight can’t help but notice three small pieces of animal stool on the office floor. He quickly jumps on Pam’s desk to inspect the ceiling, where he finds a bat.

Jim then admits to Dwight that he is feeling tingly and abnormally strong after the bat supposedly bit him on his neck.

To Jim’s delight, Dwight starts to believe that Jim must be transforming into a vampire.


Reefer Madness


Volunteer sheriff deputy Dwight is shocked when he finds a half-smoked joint in the office’s parking lot.

He immediately begins interviewing fellow staff members in order to find out who it belonged to.

When it’s Jim’s turn to get interviewed, he tries to convince Dwight that he (Dwight) smoked the joint and the reason Dwight can’t remember it is because it’s a memory loss drug.




In the first episode of the third season, Jim doesn’t only trick Dwight but Michael as well.

It all begins with Michael feeling bad for calling Oscar “faggy” because he didn’t know that Oscar was actually a homosexual.

In order to keep Michael from calling another gay person a “faggy,” Dwight suggests buying a Gaydar.

Dwight originally heard of the device from Jim. So they call him to get more information on it. The best part is that Jim pulls off this prank from the Stamford office.


Fax From the Future

Fax Machine https://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Branch_Closing

Jim tries his best to keep his pranks going while working from the Stamford office.

Jim begins his day by sending over faxes to Dwight using Dwight’s own stationery paper. He sends messages such as:

“Dwight at 8 a.m. Today someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee! Cordially, Future Dwight.”

Dwight is terrified when he receives theses faxes because he believes they are real. He even goes as far as to knock a hot cup of coffee out of Stanley’s hand.


500 Feet of Red Wire

Red Wirehttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Planted_a_500_foot_red_wire

At the beginning of the thirteenth episode of the fifth season, Dwight notices a red wire connected to his computer.

Jim tries to reassure him that all computers have wires but Dwight continues to curiously inspect it.

He begins to follow the red wire all through the office, along the halls and eventually up a telephone pole.

Jim watches Dwight through the window and confesses that he bought the spool of red wire at a flea market for $20, as (you guessed it) a prank.


Wooden Mallard

Wooden Mallardhttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/The_Lover

Dwight is still upset that Jim was chosen for the promotion over him. So in order to observe, trap, and destroy him, Dwight begins eavesdropping on all of Jim’s conversations.

He decides the best way to do this is to insert a secret recording device into the belly of a wooden mallard that sits on Jim’s desk.

Unfortunately, Jim realizes what Dwight is up to and plants the wooden mallard on overly talkative and sometimes obnoxious Kelly Kapoor’s desk. 


Snowball Effect

Snowball Fighthttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Classy_Christmas

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, especially at the Dunder Mifflin.

Every year the paper company throws a festive Christmas party. In the seventh season, things aren’t so merry for Jim and Dwight.

It all begins when Jim throws a snowball at Dwight in the office. Dwight is less than amused and challenges Jim to a snowball fight.

Things start to get intense when Jim becomes increasing paranoid by the threat of getting hit with a snowball by Dwight. 


Magic Beans

Garage Salehttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Garage_Sale

Dunder Mifflin holds its first-ever garage sale on the nineteenth episode in season seven. 

Dwight confesses that he is a farmer by hobby and trader by trade. He begins his series of swaps with a simple thumbnail and ends up trading his way to a telescope.

Dwight is about to leave the garage sale when he notices Jim’s Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes.

Jim insists that a mystical man sold them to him. A very intrigued Dwight then trades his telescope for Jim’s magical beans.



Wrapping Paper Disaster

Wrapping Paperhttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Seemingly_wrapped_Dwight%27s_chair,_desk_and_everything_on_it_in_wrapping_paper

The Moroccan Christmas episode in season five begins with a very confused Dwight walking into work.

Jim greets Dwight with, “Happy Holidays,” as he approaches his desk, wrapped in wrapping paper. Dwight begins to make fun of Jim for wasting his time with something he can unwrap in five minutes.

As Dwight goes to sit down in what he thinks is his chair he falls to the floor. His desk and chair were actually cardboard replicates.


Fire Safety


Dwight is determined to give the office a life lesson after no one paid attention to his fire safety talk.

He begins episode fourteen in season five with lighting a trash can on fire, then locking all the existing doors.

Havoc quickly spreads throughout the office when the staff realizes there is a fire. Angela throws her cat through the ceiling, Kevin breaks into the vending machine, and Michael throws a projector out a window.


Asian Jim

Asian Jimhttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Jim%27s_pranks

After nine seasons full of practical jokes, Jim has to get creative when trying to prank Dwight.

Jim and Pam ask their actor friend, Steve, to try and convince Dwight that he is the real Jim. When Dwight sees the Asian Jim, he becomes increasingly worried that the intruder has access to sensitive Dunder Mifflin information.

Dwight tries to prove that Steve isn’t Jim by showing him a family picture from Jim’s desk. However, Jim’s family photo has been replaced with a picture of Steve and the kids. Dwight looks at the picture, confused and horrified.


Garden Party

Garden Partyhttps://uproxx.com/tv/jim-halpert-costly-pranks/

Dwight tries to break into the high-end event-hosting industry by hosting Andy’s garden party.

Jim decides to take advantage of this situation by secretly selling Dwight The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party written by James Trickington.

The guide is filled with ridiculous instructions such as screaming a guest’s name every time they enter, doing a proper courtly dance, and performing a closing ceremony. 


Operation Over Throw

Dwight Managerhttps://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Jim%27s_pranks

Dwight finally gets what he has always wanted in the 24th episode of season seven. When Jim declines the temporary manager position, it is then offered to Dwight.

The power quickly goes to Dwight’s head. As a result, Jim decides to trick Dwight into thinking that he is leading an uprising group called The Fist in order to bring him down.

Dwight takes to walking around the office with a pistol in his holster. He does this to not only impress Jo but to show off his power to the other office members.  


Murder Scene


In one episode, a few staff members from the office are chosen to participate in a special project in Tallahassee, Florida.

Dwight and Erin take it upon themselves to personally wake up each staff member in the hotel. When they go to wake up Jim, they find that his room has been rampaged and that he has been targeted by a gang.

A frightened Dwight proceeds to open up the closet to find Jim playing dead.


Tear-away Suit


Jim knows he has to do something epic when he finds out where Dwight gets his clothes dry-cleaned. Jim decides to swap one of Dwight’s suits for a tear-away Velcro version.

When Jim has his chance to rip the suit off, Dwight is left wearing nothing but his underwear. See the hilarious prank for yourself in the 24th episode of season eight.



Meatballs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwIbsyQSFmI

Jim realizes that playing pranks on Dwight isn’t as fun when Pam isn’t there to laugh at them.

So while Pam is away, Jim finds a new person to entertain. Unfortunately, Stanley isn’t easy to please. Out of all the pranks, Jim realizes that Stanley enjoys pranks involving meatballs the most.

Little does Jim know that Stanley and Dwight are in on the prank and are collecting and eating all the meatballs.


Morse Code

Morse Code https://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/The_Cover-Up

Jim and Pam’s Morse code prank could be the most time-consuming out of all of them. They both admit to taking Morse code classes after work just so they could prank Dwight.

They begin by clicking their pens in code, but once Dwight figures out what they are doing, he quickly puts on his headphones. This doesn’t help much because Pam then starts blinking Morse code messages.  


Conditioning Dwight

Desktop https://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Pavlov_Experiment

Jim spends weeks trying to condition Dwight into wanting a mint when he hears a PC restart.

The prank begins with Jim offering Dwight an Altoid every time he restarted his computer. After several weeks of doing this, Jim restarts his computer and Dwight places his hand out to receive a mint.

However, instead of giving him a mint, Jim asks what he is doing. Dwight responds, “I don’t know. My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden.”


Will The Real Ben Franklin Please Stand Up

Ben Franklinhttps://ew.com/gallery/office-jims-best-pranks/?slide=313622#313622

Jim has been assigned the important duty of hiring a stripper on the fourteenth episode of season three.

Yet, instead of calling a local strip club, Jim decides to call the Scholastic Speakers of Pennsylvania.

Too much surprise of the office, a Ben Franklin impersonator shows up. Jim tries to convenience Dwight that the impersonator was actually the real Benjamin Franklin.

However, Dwight is 99% sure that the real Ben Franklin has long been dead. 




Jim’s beloved wife, Pam, goes out of her way every year to find a thoughtful, unique gift for her husband.

One year for Christmas, Pam decides to give Jim the ultimate Dwight prank.

The practical joke involves sending Dwight secret messages over several months. Jim later convinces Dwight to destroy his cellphone because it has been compromised. 



The Bestest Mensch

The Bestest Menschhttps://www.buzzfeed.com/genamourbarrett/23-of-the-most-amazing-pranks-jim-pulled-on-dwight-in-the-of

Jim has terrorized Dwight with hilarious pranks and practical jokes throughout nine seasons and over 200 episodes.

However, one of the very last pranks Jim ever plays on Dwight is probably the most heartfelt.

Jim tells Dwight he can’t be his best man because the best mensch has to be older than him. He then admits that he brought Michael in from Colorado to be his true “bestest” mensch. Jim reveals it was his best prank ever. 

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