25 Completely Unfair But Still Enforced School Rules

In almost every form of society, there are rules implemented in order to protect the community. Similar to how governments create laws, different organizations create rules that their members must follow.

For the most part, having certain rules and laws does keep people from acting out in a negative manner; however, there are quite a few regulations that just don’t make sense, especially in schools. 

The years of elementary and high school are some of the most important times in a child’s life. It’s during this period where adolescents start to truly become themselves.

Every person is unique, which makes enforcing some of these school rules completely unfair. What may be no big deal to one student could be the end of the world for another. (And let’s face it, sometimes rules are just made to be broken.) 

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Writing as a Punishment


There was nothing worse than forgetting to put your name on your homework in elementary school. This would often result in having to write your name repeatedly on a piece of paper.

Many schools across the nation still use writing as a punishment. This rule can leave a negative effect on students and potentially taint the way they view writing altogether.

A better punishment would be taking off a few points from their homework grade or giving them a timeout.


Good Grades

Good gradeshttps://www.quora.com/Why-do-schools-in-most-states-of-the-USA-enforce-strict-shaving-policy-on-high-school-male-students

The majority of students strive to be academically successful. Not only is there often pressure from the parents to succeed, but schools also set expectations for their students.

If a student isn’t where the school thinks they should be academically, they have the right to hold them back a year. This extreme pressure to pass can ultimately leave a child feeling helpless and lost.


Facial Hair


It’s completely natural for a young man to start developing facial hair sometime during their high school years. For many people, puberty is just an awkward phase that is a part of life.

To make matters worse, some male students are getting called out for having facial hair. Not only is it embarrassing for them, but they could get in trouble because a lot of schools have a strict “no facial hair” rule.


Dodge Ball

dodge ballhttps://www.foxnews.com/us/dodgeball-ban-at-new-hampshire-school-district-after-bullying

Dodge ball (also called dodgeball) is a team sport where the object of the game is to avoid getting hit by the ball while trying to hit other opponents. In order to win, a team must eliminate all of the other team’s players.

The game is a widely popular sport amongst the younger community. However, public schools in New Hampshire have banned the game because it is considered a human target sport. They also said dodge ball could lead to unwanted violence and bullying.


10-Minute Mile


There are some aspects of high school that you just wish you could forget. For many students, it was trying to run a 10-minute mile in gym class.

Everyone is unique and has different athletic abilities from one another. For this reason, grading a student off of a particular mile time seems outrageous. Yet many schools still enforce that their students run a 10-minute mile in order to receive a good grade in gym class.

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