25 Stupid Things You Believed As a Kid That Are Nearly Unbelievable

Are there things you believed as an adolescent that you shake your head at today? Children have very active imaginations, and when they want to make sense of the world, it’s amazing some of the things they can come up with.

For instance, some children believed that tiny people controlled the traffic lights, while others thought that the people they saw on T.V. could see them in real life.

As we get older, we put things into a more realistic perspective. We learn the difference between reality and fantasy.

What are some things you believed as a kid? Well, you likely weren’t the only one who thought those things. Not quite sure? Then check out this list of 25 Stupid Things You Believed As a Kid That Are Nearly Unbelievable.

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The Magic Cash Machine


I thought that you could take money out of a cash machine anytime you needed some. It seemed odd that people worried about the cost of things when they should just visit the cash machine more frequently.”

Wouldn’t it be, oh, so joyous, if there was a machine that automatically gave you money whenever you needed it?

Yes, there are ATM machines, but they don’t just randomly give you free money. How crushing it must have been for this person to learn the truth.






Bring in "The Band"


When a song was being played on the radio, I thought the whole band just popped into the room with the radio presenter, then left once they’d finished.”

Just imagine if this was true. It would be the most epic radio station ever.

Although, where would the station keep all the bands? Maybe in one gigantic room?



Cats and Dogs


When I was a kid I thought dogs and cats were the same species; just dogs were male and cats were female. Blew my little 7-year-old mind when my dog got pregnant!

We can imagine the look on this person’s face when their dog all of a sudden got a little bigger … then had a tiny dog coming out of it.

Hopefully, their parents had the “talk” with them.


The Chocolate Bunny Has Feelings Too


I convinced myself that my saliva would work like a narcotic on chocolate Easter bunnies, so they wouldn’t feel the pain of me eating them.”

Then there are those people who bite the heads off of animal crackers in a twisted sense of dominance. Hey, at least this person tried to make the pain more humane with their slobber.

Shhh, it’s okay, delicious chocolate bunny. It’s not going to hurt. It’s not going to hurt.”


Qutting Cold Turkey


I used to believe that quitting something ‘cold turkey’ meant that you ate cold turkey instead of smoking or doing whatever else they’re trying to quit. I figured that since cold turkey doesn’t sound that delicious, they must be so distracted by how annoying cold turkey tastes that they forget about their addiction.”

Perhaps we need to come up with different sayings for things. However, maybe eating cold turkey would keep you from smoking.

The tryptophan would make you sleepy, and if you’re sleeping you aren’t smoking … boom! (Patent pending.)

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