25 Most Embarrassing Fashion Trends for Men of All Time

Clothing has always been an essential part of human life. Researchers discovered data that led them to believe homo sapiens were the first humans to wear clothing around 100,000 years ago. They mainly created clothes out of plants and animal skin in order to keep warm while migrating into colder climates.

Fast forward a few hundred centuries and modern humans are still using clothes to keep warm. However, the reasons why people are wearing clothes has drastically changed. 

Nowadays, people wear clothes and style their hair as a way to express themselves. Over the years, some questionable fashion trends have emerged. What may have been cool and trendy back then is outright embarrassing now. Despite how horrible most of these fashion trends are, they will forever go down in history. 

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man in overallshttps://www.crfashionbook.com/fashion/g22736661/vintage-dunagaree-overall-photos-celebrities/

Overalls, a one-piece jean garment, were created by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis to be worn as a protective work uniform in the 1890s. Throughout the years, they were commonly worn by farmers in the southern United States.

Then in the 1960s, they became a rising fashion trend among American youth. Actor Will Smith changed up the overall fashion trend by wearing one of the overall straps behind his back.


Parachute Pants

Break Dancinghttps://www.dictionary.com/e/pop-culture/parachute-pants/

Break dancing was a cultural phenomenon during the 1980s. This new style of dancing originated in New York City. The clothing company Bugle Boy jumped in on the fad and manufactured a pair of pants that allowed break dancers more movement and flexibility.

By the mid-1980s, nondancers and dancers alike were wearing these trendy loose pants. Rapper M.C. Hammer is credited for their rise in popularity.


Frosted Tips

Frosted Tipshttps://www.maxim.com/style/frosted-tips-90s-2017-6

Historians believe that people started dying their hair back in the 1860s. Synthetic hair dye is used to cover grey hairs or as a way to simply change up a person’s appearance.

At some point in the mid-1990s, men started bleaching the tips of their hair. This new fashion trend was known as “frosted tips” or “guy lights”. Luckily, the highlighting fad began to die out around the early 2000s.


Backward Baseball Hat

Baseball Caphttp://www.dirtfork.com/wearing-backwards-hat-acceptable/

The modern baseball cap with a long peak was first worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860. It took almost forty years for the hat to become a popular trend for everyday people. Over the years, both men and women have worn baseball caps to protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet rays.

However, that purpose becomes defeated if a person wears their baseball cap backward. The 1995 film Clueless has been credited for the backward hat-wearing trend. (And wearing it sideways is even worse.)


Skater Boy Hair

Justin Bieberhttps://menhairstylesworld.com/skater-haircut/

Teenage girls across the United States were in awe of Ryan Sheckler’s 1990s hairstyle. The professional skater grew his hair to chin length and swooped it to the side. Since then, a large number of teenage boys have been seen wearing their hair like that.

Even grown men have rocked this adolescent hairdo. Famous celebrities like Justin Beiber, Zac Efron, and Harry Styles have all had the infamous “skater boy” hair.

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