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  • DIY college hacks

    25 DIY College Life Hacks

    The years leading up to true adulthood are some of the most critical years in a person’s life. It’s during this period when you truly start to figure out who you are. For many teens, graduating high school not only marks the end of a school era but an end to childhood as well. For […] More

  • 25 Shortest Professional Basketball Players

    When people think of basketball players, they typically imagine someone with an above-average height. That’s because professional basketball players are up to seven feet tall. Being tall gives players a better advantage. Not only do they have a longer arm span to help reach the ball, but their height also brings them that much closer […] More

  • YouTube bloopers

    25 Funniest Youtuber Bloopers

    During the span of your life, there will be multiple occasions where things just don’t go as planned. People can’t be perfect all of the time, after all. Accidental mishaps are a uniquely beautiful part of being human. Forgetting your lines, experiencing an awkward moment, or laughing at the wrong time are just a few […] More

  • Live Television Slip Ups

    25 Most Embarrassing Live Television Bloopers That Are Nearly Unbelievable

    There are many benefits to watching live television productions. Not only are they traditionally viewed by a larger audience, but they are also more interactive. For example, live events have the option to include real-time chatting or polls. This gives viewers an opportunity to feel involved with the experience. Another fun aspect of watching a […] More

  • Jim and Dwight pranks

    25 Best Jim & Dwight Pranks from The Office

    There are many different kinds of television friendships that have gone down in pop-culture history. Beloved characters like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy, Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, and Jim and Dwight from The Office are simply iconic. For most of these duos, their on-screen personas have underlying dynamic chemistry.  For Jim […] More

  • Unscripted Movie Moments

    25 Unscripted Movie Moments that Made the Cut

    It might be surprising to hear that some of the most iconic lines from movies weren’t originally a part of the script. A screenwriter could spend months, even years, developing a story. However, if the director allows an actor to ad-lib, he or she has the power to create completely new lines right on the […] More

  • Top 25 Facts About Esther Afua Ocloo 19

    Top 25 Facts About Esther Afua Ocloo

    Esther Afua Ocloo, originally from Ghana, came from humble beginnings. Everything she had she worked endlessly for, her success, wealth and recognition. She was part of a small group of women who did many atypical things. She pushed the limits, and she was an entrepreneur. Hard work and dedication propelled Ocloo to do many firsts […] More

  • Top 25 Best Green Day Songs

    So, what are the top 25 best Green Day songs?  Billie Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool (who replaced John Kiffmeyer in 1990) make up the group. Started in 1985, Green Day was part of the punk scene in Berkeley, California. Since then, the band produced more than 12 studio albums, a plethora of chart-topping […] More

  • 25 Scary Facts About Plastic Pollution That'll Change Your Habits

    25 Scary Facts About Plastic Pollution That’ll Change Your Habits

    Before I drop some facts about plastic pollution, take a moment to look around you. Whether it be your phone case, the cup you’re sipping from, or the container that holds your lunch, almost everything is made of plastic. We use plastic products so much they are literally apart of us. Don’t believe me?  The Environmental […] More

  • 25 Scariest Earthquakes In History

    In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into the history of the most deadly horrifying earthquakes. An earthquake is most commonly known as the shaking of the Earth’s surface. It is normally caused when two blocks of Earth suddenly slip past one another. This then causes a sudden release of energy […] More

  • Top 25 Water Parks in the World You’ll Want to Dive Into

    As I am writing this list, summer is officially coming to an end. Students across the nation are heading back to school and people are slipping back into their fall routines. But the sun hasn’t received the message yet. With the weather is as warm as ever, water parks are as fun as ever. In […] More

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