25 Rare Animals Nearly Impossible To See In The Wild

These days, when our planet faces a number of serious problems such as uncontrolled overpopulation, devastating pollution, and unprecedented climate change, more and more animals are becoming endangered and extinct.

In fact, the species loss is currently happening at a rate more than 1,000 times greater than what would be natural. Consequently, future generations might never get to see animals that we could watch in nature when we were younger. To raise awareness about the heartbreaking state of Mother Earth and some of her most endangered animal species, we created this post with 25 Rare Animals Nearly Impossible To See In The Wild.

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Siamese Crocodile

Siamese Crocodile Source: fauna-flora.org

Also known by many other names, such as Singapore small grain, cocodrilo de Siam, or Baja, the Siamese crocodile is a medium-sized freshwater crocodile native to Southeast Asia. Over the past one hundred years, habitat destruction and hunting have wiped out the crocodile from 99% of its natural environment; there are now just around 250 individuals remaining in the wild.


Hainan Gibbon

Hainan GibbonSource: theconversation.com

Of all 504 known primate species, the rarest and most vulnerable is found only on one tropical island in South China. The majestic and mysterious Hainan gibbon is confined to a single small patch of forest where only around 25 of these rare animals remain. Deforestation and hunting for food and pet trade are the main reasons why this primate is on the verge of extinction.



Hirola Source: theconversation.com

Local to Northeast Kenya and Southwest Somalia, the Hirola is the world’s most endangered antelope. In the 1980s, a viral disease killed about 85-90% of the existing Hirola population, and the species has been struggling to survive since then. The current population of this medium-sized antelope is estimated at some 500 individuals.


Glaucous Macaw

Glaucous MacawSource: iucnredlist.org

A large neo-tropical parrot closely related to the Lear’s macaw and the hyacinth macaw, the glaucous macaw was last recorded in the 1960’s and is therefore considered extinct by some naturalists. However, not all of its formerly large South American range has been adequately surveyed, so there might be some tiny surviving populations of this beautiful bird.



VaquitaSource: worldwildlife.org

Local to the Gulf of California, the Vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal. This little porpoise was not discovered until 1958 and just a little over half a century later, we are on the brink of losing it forever. The biggest threat for Vaquitas is illegal fishing as they often get caught and drowned in gillnets.

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