25 Animals That Use Camouflage To Potentially Fool You

Animals that use camouflage in the wild have a huge advantage since one of the best ways to survive is to hide from danger. Though some animals may choose to hide in peculiar places such as underneath rocks, inside trees, inside caves etc. There are animals that will literally hide in plain sight! By using incredible camouflage skills, these animals not only evade danger but may also become a danger themselves by seizing unaware prey. After all, you can’t run from what you can’t see. From arctic foxes hiding in the snow to leafy sea dragons blending into the ocean currents these are 25 Animals That Use Camouflage To Potentially Fool You!

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As you can see, the camouflage skills of these animals is so intense, that they could literally be right beside and you would have no clue. Especially the walking stick…just take a look at that thing (if you can find it). In fact, do you want a challenge? Try to look at the 25 images and see if you can tell where the animal is located. Some are easy to see like the leopard or the Arctic fox, however others are a bit more challenging (i’m looking at you #20). Do you think you can spot all 25 camouflaged animals? If you can, feel free to share this with your friends and see if they can spot all 25 camouflaged animals. And for more animals that use camouflage click here.

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Stone Flounder

Stone FlounderSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

These flat fish are really good at blending into the bottom of the ocean.


Waterfall Frog

Camouflaged Waterfall FrogSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Not surprisingly, this Australian tree frog is found around streams and waterfalls.


Hooded Grasshopper

Camouflaged Hooded Grasshopper in grassCamouflaged Hooded Grasshopper in grass | Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Native to India, these grasshoppers feed on tree leaves and can be real pests.


Leaf Tail Gecko

Camouflaged Leaf Tail GeckoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This nocturnal gecko is endemic to the island of Madagascar.


Leafy Sea Dragon

Camouflaged Leafy Sea DragonCamouflaged Leafy Sea Dragon | Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Good luck spotting this creature in a patch of Australian sea grass.

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