25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle

From Greek Spartans and Mongol horsemen to Russian Spetsnaz and Green Berets these are the 25 most lethal warriors every sent into battle.

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Roman Centurion

deadly warriors

Only the best soldiers belonging to the most powerful army in the world could claim this title.



deadly warriors

Sometimes referred to as the “Lords of the Plains” legend has it a Comanche could fire arrows at his enemy while hanging from the neck of his horse.


Rajput Warrior

deadly warriors

These legendary Indian warriors can only be born into their position. Some believe they are so lethal because their homeland is right on the Indian border which as always made them the first line of defense.


Army Ranger

deadly warriors

Evolving from a time when the Colonial Army generals combined European technology with Indian tactics, the Rangers are one of the world’s premier light infantry forces.


Persian Immortal

deadly warriors

According to the history books, the Immortals always stood at 10,000 strong. As soon as one died another would step in to take his place. This is what gave them their nickname.

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