25 Tiny Countries That Are Smaller Than You’d Imagine

When you think of a country, you probably think of a large nation with its own government, maybe divided by states, territories or counties and a fairly sizable population. This, however is not necessarily the case. Some countries in our world can be small…really small…like a small-island small. Hard to believe really but it’s true. Whether it’s a small island in the Pacific or a mountain kingdom in the center of Europe these are 25 Tiny Countries That Are Smaller Than You’d Imagine!


São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and PríncipeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 964 square km

Consisting of two islands, São Tomé and Príncipe is the smallest Portuguese speaking nation in the world, and the second smallest country in Africa.



KiribatiSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 811 square km

Although its 33 islands don’t cover much land area, they are spread out over more than 3.5 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean.



BahrainSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 765 square km

This small island nation off the coast of Saudi Arabia has an economy built around finance and banking.



DominicaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 751 square km

Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” due to its incredible beauty.



TongaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 747 square km

Tonga prides itself on never having lost its sovereignty to a foreign power.



SingaporeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 716 square km

With over 5 million people, Singapore is by far the most populous country on our list


Federated States of Micronesia

Federated States of MicronesiaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 702 square km

This small Pacific island country is in free association with the US meaning the United States provides defense, funding, social services.


Saint Lucia

Saint LuciaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 616 square km

Because during its colonial past it switched rule between the French and the English so often, this Caribbean island nation was known as the “Helen of the Indies”.



AndorraSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 468 square km

Squashed between Spain and France, Andorra is located in the Pyrenees Mountains.



PalauSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 459 square km

This small Pacific nation is in free association with the US meaning it receives defense, funding, and social services from its larger partner.



SeychellesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 452 square km

With 90,024 people, this island nation has the smallest population of any African country.


Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and BarbudaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 442 square km

This twin island nation got the nickname “Land of 365 Beaches” for obvious reasons.



BarbadosSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 430 square km

Despite being an Atlantic Island, Barbados is considered part of the Caribbean and is known for its strong tourist industry.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 389 square km

This small Caribbean island country is very densely populated and its economy relies almost exclusively on bananas.



GrenadaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 344 square km

Grenada has come to be known as the “Island of Spice” due to its export of nutmeg and mace.



MaltaSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Area: 316 square km

This small island nation is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe.



MaldivesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 300 square km

The Maldives are the smallest nation in Asia both in size and population.


Saint Kitts And Nevis

Saint Kitts And NevisSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 261 square km

Saint Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in the Americas and in the Western Hemisphere.


Marshall Islands

Marshall IslandsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 181 square km

This group of 1,156 islands in the Pacific ocean is a sovereign state although the US provides defense, social services, and funding.



LiechtensteinSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 160 square km

Liechtenstein has the highest gross GDP per capita of any country in the world when adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP).


San Marino

San MarinoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 61 square km

Surrounded by Italy, San Marino claims to be the oldest sovereign state in the world.



TuvaluSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 26 square km

Located between Hawaii and Australia Tuvalu is located on three islands and 6 atolls.



NauruSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 21 square km

Nauru is the smallest island country in the world.



MonacoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: 2.02 square km

Found on the French Riviera, Monaco is a vacation spot for the rich and famous.


Vatican City

Vatican CitySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Area: .44 square km

Located in Italy, this is the smallest city state in the world .

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