25 Ridiculously Crowded Photos of Earth’s Overpopulation

Our world is seriously overpopulated. The past 200 years have seen exponential human population growth. Reaching one billion people in 1804, it took 123 years to get the next billion. In less than half that time, we went from three billion in 1959 to seven billion in 2012. Anyone who lives in a city knows how dense the world has become and how pervasive overpopulation has become. See just how crowded we are in this list of 25 Ridiculously Crowded Photos of Earth’s Overpopulation.


A Buddhist gathering

buddhists massive meetingImage: Pixabay

The Kaaba at al-Haram Mosque in Mecca at the start of the Hajj (pilgrimage)

al haram mosque mecca hajjImage: Al Jazeera English via Flickr

Muslim refugees crowding into a train to Pakistan after the partition of India & Pakistan in 1947

muslim refugeesImage: Columbia University

More Pakistani refugees showing even greater global overpopulation

muslims on train to pakistanImage: Columbia University

An overcrowded Bangladeshi train

Bishwa_Iztema_2013_Phase_II_on_train_01_by_Mayeenul_IslamImage: Wikipedia

Rainy day at Japan's Shibuya Station Crossing under a sea of umbrellas

shibuya station crossingImage: Curt Smith via Flickr

The 2008 Summer Olympics torch rally in Shenzen, China

2008_Summer_Olympics_torch_relay,_ShenzenImage: Wikimedia

Even animals are overpopulated in some areas! Ducks in one of Gothenberg, Sweden's unfrozen lakes

Lots of DucksImage: Aske Holst via Flickr

Rocinha: the largest hill favela in Rio de Janeiro

rocinha_favela_closeupImage: Wikipedia

The Nada-no Kenka Matsuri in Japan

nada-no kenka festival in japanImage: lensonjapan via Flickr

Chiang Mai's Night Market

crowded street market chiang maiImage: David Villa via Flickr

Cyclists in Copenhagen

Cyclists_at_redImage: Wikipedia

Traffic jam in Dhaka, Bangladesh

traffic jam in dhakaImage: Joiseyshowaa via Flickr

Protesting crowd at a G-20 Summit in London

G20 protesting crowdImage: Wikipedia

Aerial photo of São Paolo's crowded downtown

aerial_photo_sao_paulo_brazilImage: Wikimedia

An overcrowded beach

beach with large crowdImage: Pixabay

Cathedral Square in Ulm, Germany

cathedral-square with crowdsImage: Pixabay

Shibuya Station Crossing in Japan

Shibuya_Station_CrossingImage: Wikimedia

A crowd at a concert in Paris

paris concert crowdImage: James Cridlan via Flickr

Rage Against the Machine performing at the 2008 Republican National Convention

rage against the machine at 2008 RNC conventionImage: Wikipedia

The 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.

march on washington 1963Image: U.S. National Archives

Bicycles in Amsterdam

bicycles in netherlandsImage: Pixabay

The love locks on Pont des Arts in Paris (the bridge has nearly collapsed)

paris pont des arts locksImage: Wikipedia

The crowded Taipei Metro

taipei mrt crowdsImage: Wikimedia

Movie star Douglas Fairbanks encouraging a crowd in 1918 New York City to buy Liberty Loans (U.S. war bonds to pay for World War I)

Douglas Fairbanks, movie star, speaking in front of the Sub-Treasury building, New York City, to aid the third Liberty Loan. April 1918.Image: Wikipedia

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