25 Preposterously Designed Currencies We Can’t Believe Exist

Every country; sometimes territory, has its own, different currency. The various colors, designs, portraits and symbols printed on bills and coins usually relate to the country´s history and culture but can sometimes relate to other subjects such as raising awareness to a particular cause or celebrating a particular event. However, there are some currencies out there that can portray some bizarre themes or even portray normal themes in a bizarre way. From Zaire´s punched-out bills to Mongolian talking coins, these crazy currencies have actually been used around the world. Can you imagine paying for your groceries with talking money?

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Fiji´s Meteorite Silver Coins

Fiji´s Meteorite Silver Coinswww.accountingschoolguide.com

In 2012, The Republic of Fiji issued a limited series 999 10-dollar coins made from Sterling silver containing a real piece of Neuschwanstein meteorite. The meteorite fell to Earth on 6 April 2002 near the Neuschwanstein Castle, at the Germany-Austria border.


Belarusian Animal Bills

Belarusian Animal Billsvintageprintable.swivelchairmedia.com

While most countries design their bills with historically important people and symbols, Belarusian bills depict animals. a 50-kopeek bill shows a squirrel, 1-ruble bill is decorated with a hare, and on a 3-ruble bill you will find a pair of beavers. Higher bills contain pictures of wolves, lynxes, moose, bears and bison.


Concentration Camp Money

Concentration Camp Moneywww.ww2f.com

These bills were created by the Nazis for the infamous concentration camp at Theresienstadt in today Czech Republic. The camp served as a showpiece for the Nazis to demonstrate to the Red Cross and other agencies how Jewish prisoners were being well treated, took part in cultural events and had schools for their children. These 10 Kronen bills were part of the propaganda; in fact they were simply papers with no value and were never used.


Thai 100-Baht Commemorative Bill

Thai 100-Baht Commemorative Billold-paper-money.blogspot.com

In 2004, Thai Queen Sirikit celebrated her 72nd birthday and for that occasion, the national bank issued a commemorative bill depicting her next to her husband, King Rama IX. The reverse side captures important scenes from the Queen´s life.


Benin´s 100-Franc Marijuana Coin

25 Preposterously Designed Currencies We Can't Believe Existwww.shroomery.org

The world’s first Silver Legal Tender Marijuana Coin
was issued by the authority of the Government of the West African Republic of Benin. The reverse side features a bright green Cannabis Sativa leaf that, when rubbed, releases the distinct aroma of Marijuana coming from synthetic additives

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