Top 10 List: All Time Worst Pains That I Want Nothing To Do With

What do you think is the worst pains known to man? There are varying degrees of pain someone can experience. We’ve got the doctor’s pain chart to help us out with that. Of course, pain tolerance isn’t created equal. Some of us can take a hit to the face like a champ while the next guy might ball like a baby. Then again, being hit by a car will hurt way more than a slap on the wrist. We all know this. Some people look at the needle at the doctors office and shrug, while some of us need to be promised a lollipop and a sticker (Don’t judge me). As for me, I’d rather steer clear of these pains. Here is a list for the Top 10 Worse Pains That I Want Nothing To Do With.



close up of splinter in finger

Wood is a devious beast when improperly used. Like ninjas, if you aren’t careful, they unleash the dreaded splinter. Splinters are not necessarily painful by themselves but when they have to be taken out, especially when they’re particularly big, ouchies. No thank you.


Prostate Exams

doctor snapping glove

Let the jokes about asking the doctor to buy you dinner first, begin. To check for prostate cancer, the doctor needs to press really hard in an area that is not the most flattering. Of course, he asks you to get comfortable first. Sure, doc, no problem!


Labor Pain Machines

man using labor machine

Okay, this one is more of a choice to do but still painful, regardless. This machine for masochists let men feel the affects of labor to better understand what a woman goes through during childbirth. I once saw a big man crying on a YouTube video doing it. I’ll pass.


Getting Hit in the Testicles

man holding groin

If you’re a dude, just thinking about this one will give a slight twinge. Not only is getting hit in that area physically painful, but it can mess up your mental health, too. One too many taps in the groin, and a guy just might go crazy.


Banging your Knee on the Leg of a Table

woman holding knee in pain

Once you hit your knee on a table, your pain receptors go into over drive. Thankfully, the pain goes away after a minute or so. Do everyone a favor and please stop cursing out the inanimate object.

How about you? What pain do you want nothing to do with? Sound off in the comments and let us know! We promise not to hold it against you.

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