25 Best Fortnite Tips To Reach The Top

For those out of the loop, Fortnite is a massively popular, dog-eat-dog competition where gamers fight and survive to be number one. How do you get there? That’s a question plaguing every player’s mind as they fight on the streets of Tilted Towers or the fields of Salty Springs. In this free online game, one bad decision could prove fatal. Within seconds, you could get the hallowed gold or be defeated by a ten-year-old in Arkansas. Every player wants to know pro-tips on how to get better at Fortnite. Well, stick around, we’ve got you covered. Here are 25 Best Fortnite Tips To Reach The Top!

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Aim for Roads and Rivers


Your parachute will open depending on where you’re aiming your character on the map, so it’s best to aim for low areas like roads and rivers to deploy the parachute at the last possible moment, giving you a faster landing.


Don't Rush for Supplies

Supply rush

Unless you’re confident few other players are around, don’t immediately rush for heavy supply zones like cities, lakes, or the like. Staying outside of these areas will keep you alive longer, and you can always find weapons in rural areas before moving to gather better supplies.


Gather Resources Early

fortnite resources

The beginning of the game provides a nice open window to gather resources like wood and brick. If you forget to gather enough of these as the game progresses, it’ll become much harder to do without being noticed, making you an easy target.


Gather Resources Discreetly


Don’t chop trees down all the way. Just get enough and move on to the next tree. Chopping trees down completely can be seen far and wide, revealing your location and making you a prime target.


Strategize with the Storm Eye

storm eye

The storm eye closes as the game progresses, but in the beginning, it allows for quite some time to explore, gather resources and supplies. Rather than racing toward the safe zone like all the other players, stay just outside of it in areas players likely won’t be, scooping up supplies in the process.

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