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  • dumb things people said on television

    25 Dumbest Things Said on Television

    Have you ever said something you immediately regretted? The good news is that it probably wasn’t on television. However, the public figures in this article weren’t as lucky. Whether it be one of them mistaking tuna for chicken, declaring there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance, or asking if math was involved with […] More

  • 25 Best Movies Ever Made

    25 Best Movies Ever Made

    Trying to decide which movies are the best movies ever made is difficult. Because, let’s face it, film is one of the most glorious entertainment and art mediums ever happen to the human race. And, there’s just so much awesome to choose from. In the realm of movies, no one is excluded. Whether it’s a […] More

  • wayne's world

    25 Best SNL Sketches Of All Time You Have To See! (List25)

    Yes, we really do have the 25 Best SNL sketches of all time! Even though you’ve seen it a thousand times, the best SNL sketches still find a way to make you laugh. Memorable and hilarious, they’re a cut above the rest, sticking in your head long after they’ve been off the air. It’s all […] More

  • sports are good for kids

    25 Reasons Sports Are Good For Kids (List25)

    There are probably more than 25 reasons sports are good for kids, but we’ll present the best ones here. Do your kids play any sports? If not, then it’s time to sign them up. As you’ll find out, there are numerous reasons sports are good for kids. Playing sports encourages kids to have an active, […] More

  • hans gruber death

    Top 15 Villain Deaths – Ranked

    Villain deaths, done well, can be one of the most satisfying aspects of a film. In every good movie you’ll find memorable characters, an interesting plot, cool action sequences, and a despicable villain. In some cases, the best films have a villain that is more interesting and complex than the protagonist. Moviegoers seldom remember weak […] More

  • guilty pleasure tv show

    15 Worst TV Shows Ever (But You Can’t Stop Watching Them)

    Can you believe that some of the worst TV shows ever are still being watched by some people? I guess people have different standards of entertainment. To be fair, not all shows suffer from bad quality. That is, they may be visually appealing and even be mildly entertaining, however, some shows have content so raunchy […] More

  • batman

    Most Powerful DC and Marvel Superheroes with No Powers – Ranked!

    Superheroes are all the rage these days as evidenced by the half a dozen movies put out each year by Marvel Studios and Warner Bros/DC Entertainment. Both die-hard and casual fans of superheroes can’t get enough of people with superhuman abilities saving the world. Does this mean we all have a desire to fly, breathe […] More

  • superboy prime

    Powerful Superheroes Who Turned Evil

    When we think of superheroes, we picture strong, courageous beings who are larger than life. They fight for truth and justice, and charge selflessly into combat. In essence, these heroic do-gooders embody the highest qualities mere mortals can only hope to attain. However, occasionally, the good guys make a wrong turn on the path of […] More

  • All Time Best Online Anime Series That Everyone Should Watch!

    All Time Best Online Anime Series That Everyone Should Watch! (List25)

    So, just what is included in an all-time best anime series online list? Is it the action, storyline, artwork, or the cast of memorable characters? Maybe it’s all of them. Anime has a combination of storylines. Popular themes usually include friends who do battle with each other. Additionally, there are stories about kids in school […] More

  • terrifying movies

    Terrifying Movies You Should Watch Again Because It’s That Scary!

    Have you ever scanned through Netflix, looking at titles of terrifying movies, and passed right by them? Of course you have. With so many horror movies released every year, it’s easy to look over potentially great flicks. Plus, some frightening films get lost in the annals of history and are readily forgotten about. I’d like […] More

  • riddles for adults

    Top 20 List: Fun and Clever Riddles For Adults

    Do you consider yourself a riddle master that needs some fun and clever riddles for adults? Are you constantly trying to figure out ways to get your mind stimulated? Whether your a seasoned riddle pro like The Riddler from “Batman,” or just someone who likes to kill time and stretch the old brain muscle. Riddles […] More

  • Up-and-Coming DJs You'll Want to Look Out For

    Up-and-Coming DJs You’ll Want to Look Out For (List25)

    As the Digital Age of music develops and an unfathomable number of new tracks are released each day, a DJ’s role in the music industry is becoming more and more relevant. We now live busier lives than ever, and most music fans are only capable of exploring a small fraction of the music out there. […] More

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