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  • 25 Awesome 3D Animated GIFs

    25 Awesome 3D Animated GIFs

    Ever wanted to see the magic of 3D animated GIFS? We’re not talking about computer animated GIFS, either. You won’t believe your eyes when you see these amazing hand-drawn GIFS. Of course,  in the world, we’ve seen 3D images illustrated on the streets and on paper. With these works, artists display creativity, an imaginative mind, […] More

  • 25 Hilarious Pictures of People Being Blasted By Wind

    25 Hilarious Pictures of People Being Blasted By Wind

    Have you ever seen a hilarious picture of people being blasted by wind? No? Well, get ready, because we have a treat for you. Wind blowing in your face only happens at certain moments. You usually feel the breeze on your cheeks when driving a convertible with the top down, road tripping on your motorcycle, […] More

  • moai snowmen

    25 Extremely Creative Snowmen

    It’s that time of year again to put on your thinking hat and make creative snowmen. But, first, let’s go over the basics. Are you ready? Take three snowballs, stack them, and stab the one on top with a carrot (don’t forget the eyes). All done. Okay, I know you think that’s boring. I agree […] More

  • most celebrated composers in history

    25 of the Most Celebrated Composers in History

    Have you ever wondered who the most celebrated composers in history are? If it weren’t for music, we would undoubtedly have a very dull existence. The way it affects emotion, moods, and conveys ideas makes it a powerful and intimate medium. We identify with the music. It helps us see things from a different angle. […] More

  • Mike with List25 as Star Lord

    Best Male Cosplay Costumes That Won’t Waste Your Time (List25)

    If you’re looking for the best cosplay costumes for guys, males, boys – whatever you want to call yourself, we’ve got it here! And, if you don’t know what cosplay is, well, it’s that thing people do because October 31st only happens once a year. That was a joke. Calm down. I was never much […] More

  • Epic Treehouses You Wish You Had As A Kid

    Epic Treehouses You Wish You Had As A Kid

    Children all over the world dream of one day having a huge treehouse. While some are satisfied with pretending or just nailing some boards to a tree, others got to work and made their dreams a reality, creating massive, architectural wonders. It’s one thing for your dad to piece together a scrappy little box up […] More

  • 25 Clever Things You Can Do With An Old Pizza Box

    25 Clever Things You Can Do With An Old Pizza Box

    Did you know there are 25 clever things you can do with an old pizza box? Yes, there are pizza box hacks and we’ve got them here. After gorging yourself on pizza, the pizza box ends up in the next logical place: the trash bin. If throwing out a sea of boxes fills you with […] More

  • disturbing painting dripping man

    25 Disturbing Art Pieces That Challenge People’s Sanity

    Among the peaceful portraits and soothing art pieces, there are creepy old paintings that give audiences a more unsettling and disturbing view of the world. These famous horror paintings go from mildly weird to absolutely shocking and deranged. Can you handle these 25 disturbing art pieces? Many have tried and many have failed. Here are […] More

  • zombie girl in corner eating skull

    25 Extremely Creepy Zombie Art Pieces

    With Halloween around the corner, depictions of zombies coming to life are on every corner of the internet and the world. Drug stores sell zombie decorations; supermarkets sell zombie costumes; and shows like The Walking Dead and the legendary Dawn of the Dead hit the television waves once again for fans that can’t get enough of the undead […] More

  • A hand holding a trolly souvenir

    25 Souvenirs Replacing Their Real World Counterparts

    Though buying souvenirs isn’t the greatest way to save money while on the road, it certainly makes for some amazing replacement photography. Michael Hughes has wandered the world doing just this, buying miniature souvenirs and superimposing them into the real world with his camera. As a result, and a big thanks to him, we can […] More

  • Folded dollar bill that says, "Live free or die"

    25 Cleverly Folded Hidden Messages On Dollar Bills

    In the abstract world of art, things can be expressed in many ways and through many things, whether it be via shadows, food, or plastic bags. An artists imagination is truly the limit. Dan Tague, one of the great contemporary artists of our time, selected dollar bills as his medium of self expression. It’s a […] More

  • A woman sitting and reading a book

    25 Nonfiction Books Everyone Should Read

    In this era of video essays and documentaries, non-fiction books don’t get the love they deserve. Unless you’re in an academic setting, it’s pretty rare for an average Joe to sit down and read a non-fiction book. However, it’s incredibly important. Though some opt for fantasy lore or a romance novel, non-fiction books inform, challenge, […] More

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