25 Biggest Box Office Movie Bombs

What movie do you absolutely hate? If you’re like most people, you probably have a few movies that you saw recently or in the past that you just couldn’t stand.

It could be the lack of chemistry between the actors, the absence of a plot, or the bad graphics.

Whatever the reason, there are some movies that not only do horribly according to critics. They also do pretty badly at the box office.

Maybe a poorly-made sequel just failed to make the cut, or a movie based on a book simply couldn’t compare. Did any of these 25 Biggest Box Office Movie Bombs make it to your “worst movies” list?


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Green Lantern


Long before he was everyone’s favorite red-spandex-wearing Marvel assassin, Ryan Reynolds played the title role of the Green Lantern.

There were a few things wrong with this movie. The CGI was terrible. It had been edited so many times that the end product was not realistic at all. Also, it seemed there was no enough explanation as to why certain things were happening until very shortly before the movie ended.

The movie ended up grossing $116,601,172.


Gods of Egypt


Gods of Egypt had controversy from the beginning. Many critics believed the movie was doing a whitewashing of biblical figures who were supposed to be dark-skinned and middle eastern.

Maybe one thing that got people riled up was the fact that Gerard Butler, a white Scottish man, was playing an Egyptian.

Other people have criticized the movie as purposely being too gory and perverted in a vain attempt to make the movie watchable.


Spider-Man 3


Ok, where do we begin with this one?

Sam Raimi, who directed Spider-Man 3, said he didn’t love the characters of the Spider-Man universe. Well, it showed in his film.

You have an average-sized actor playing the role of Venom. If you read the comics, you know that Venom is a massively built supervillain. He wasn’t even the main villain.

Thomas Haden Church played the main villain, Sandman. If you are going to put Venom in a Spider-Man movie, he needs to not only be played by an actor who’s got the build, but he also needs to be the main focus.


The Lone Ranger


The biggest problem with this movie is that Westerns haven’t been popular for a while … probably since the movie Unforgiven.

There were also reports that The Lone Ranger was way over-budget. In the end, the movie only made $89 million.


Monster Trucks


You probably know this movie did win some recognition; it’s credited with being the first movie flop of 2017.

But really, how many times are they going to regurgitate the same movie plot?

  1. Boy has troubled home life.
  2. Boy finds an alien.
  3. They become best buddies.

Yeah, we all saw E.T.

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