25 Best Video Games to Play as a Couple

Posted by , Updated on June 23, 2024

Introducing the **Top 25 Video Games Perfect for Couples**. On the hunt for the best games to enjoy with your partner? Imagine unwinding and getting totally absorbed in a game for hours. But, solo gaming too much can mean less real-life interaction. Over two hundred hours in Skyrim by myself taught me that. Relationships need commitment, so a 10-hour Civilization marathon isn’t the best idea. Wondering how to enjoy gaming and still spend quality time with your partner? **Keep reading** to find out how!

Don’t fear, I’m here to help. Here are the 25 Best Video Games to Play as a Couple.



Octodad: Dadliest Catch


In Octodad, you control an octopus who’s keeping up the clever ruse that he is actually a human. I don’t know what insane person thought of that but I thank them because it’s most ridiculous games I’ve ever seen. All you have to do in Octodad is control your arms and legs, but as a fish out of water this isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you split the controls between two people. That’s right, in Octodad you can play with two people and the two of you constantly switch what body parts you’re controlling making for some pretty hilarious hi-jinks that will make you and your partner laugh with delight.


Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes


This video game requires one person to defuse a bomb but the instructions lie in the hands of your teammate. It’s requires good communication skills between the two people. and a great way to develop those skills with your partner.


Left 4 Dead 2

left 4 dead

Blood, guns, and zombies. What a great way to spend a Friday night with someone. In “Left 4 Dead” you and up to three other players must navigate through a zombie infested wasteland and get to the safe room at the end of the level. All while you mow down the zombie horde with a variety of weapons.

The game does take some cooperation and teamwork, and while it may take some time to get into the swing of things, by the end you and your partner will be killing zombies like a well-oiled machine.


A Way Out

A Way Out

Ever wanted to escape prison with someone? Well in “A Way Out” you can attempt to escape prison with your partner without having to go through all that pesky crime nonsense. Unlike most other games on this list, A Way Out is a story driven co-op game, which is something of a rarity these days. Even better, only one person has to buy it for both to be able to play it.

Throughout the course of the game you’ll both navigate the escape from the prison you find yourselves in as well as escaping from the law.


Monster Prom

monster promSource: https://venturebeat.com/2018/04/04/monster-prom-is-a-quirky-competitive-dating-sim-with-party-games/

This is a monster dating simulation game that doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest. It constantly makes fun of itself and the ridiculous scenarios that dating sim games tend to have in them. It’s especially fun to play with others; they enhance the experience and try to date the same monster (gasp), drama!

It’s a fun time when you voice the characters with each other and go along with the wacky and fun story.


The Lego Series

lego series

It’s true that any Lego game is designed mostly for children but it’s a fun co-op game for couples of any age. The Lego Series is purely fun, they’re not difficult and they require a small level of cooperation


Grand Theft Auto Online


“Grand Theft Auto Online” has a lot of issues. I have no problem admitting that. With that said, GTA Online puts you and your partners in the city Los Santos with no direction.

It also allows you to create your own games and levels, which is what I think is the best way to play this with a partner.



Bloody Trapland

bloody trapland

“Bloody Trapland” is a hard and unfair platformer that relentlessly kills you over and over again as you attempt to get to the other side of the level. It’s best played with another person that can laugh at you when you get mad after you die for the 400th time.


Gang Beasts


“Gang Beasts” is a cartoony fighting game with a good sense of humor. You’re pitted against each other and you punch each other until one player can’t get up again. The fighting is simple and easy to get used to, making it a fun casual game to play with a partner.





You are a space narwhal; at least, in this game you are. You play as a space narwhal flying through the stars trying to stab other space narwhals in the heart. That’s about all the game has to it but it’s great fun to play with your partner and it’s also a good gauge to see how competitive they are.


Mario Party


Isn’t laughing at someone else’s expense fun? Well “Mario Party” sure thinks so. Mario Party remains to this day a game about pure luck and it randomly sees you on the end of ridiculous luck. It’s a fun time to be had as you laugh your partners terrible luck.




Despite the reputation it gets, Minecraft is a classic. There’s no better sandbox game and it’s always fun to play with someone. Whether it’s building something creative with each other or playing Minecraft’s survival mode, it’s a great excuse to mess around in an open world with your partner.


Mario Kart


There’s something about racing games that always makes them inherently fun. Sure you can play a realistic racing game with accurate speed-o-meters and proper airbag simulation (I know nothing about cars). But those racing games aren’t as fun as Mario Kart. When you play Mario Kart with your partner, it’s just fun to trash talk them, and get grumpy when they hit you with shells right when you’re at the finish line.


Golf With Your Friends

golf with your friends

Do you wanna see how much you can mess with someone before they lose their mind? If so, then great because “Golf With Your Friends” is for you. On the surface it’s a nice golf game, but when most people play this game, they tend to use the games less than realistic physics to send their opponents back to the beginning of the hole.


Don’t Starve Together

dont starve togetherSource: https://www.engadget.com/2014/08/30/dont-starve-together-is-for-people-who-just-want-to-watch-thei/

“Don’t Starve Together” is a free expansion to the survival game “Don’t Starve.” You must build a fire, collect food, and try not to die; but, you will. The team behind this allowed you to die of starvation or killed by wildlife as a team. How thoughtful.

The real fun comes when one of you dies though as you or your partner can create all kinds of problems for the remaining player by haunting them as a ghost.



Dead Or Alive

dead or alive

Any fighting game is a good way to settle disputes between a couple. But I’ll talk about “Dead Or Alive” since it’s more accessible to some than other titles in the fighting genre. It has an impressively large amount of characters to choose from, not to mention it’s fast gameplay, and satisfying combat.

Unless that someone is Mike. He will beat you senseless at this game and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Worms: Revolution

worms r

This series has been around since 1995. Its spanned over twenty different games and puts you in control of a small amount of worms (Go figure). Your goal is to kill all of your opponents worms with as many wacky and cartoon like weapons as possible. While any installment of the franchise is a viable option, my favorite is “Worms: Revolution.” It’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s hilarious to murder your partner in it.


Human Fall Flat

human fall flatSource: https://www.ign.com/articles/2016/07/28/human-fall-flat-review

“Human: Fall Flat’s” controls will make your character look like a drunk person walking on a tightrope, that, in and of itself, makes this game hilarious. Imagine playing with someone and getting to watch them fumble around with the strange controls. It’ll be so much fun to watch your partner’s own ineptitude.


Telltale Games


I know what you’re thinking, “What are you thinking Robin?! Telltale games are single player story games. How am I supposed to play it with someone?” And you’re right, Telltale Games are not multiplayer games, but they’re also all about morale choices. What better way to see what kind of person you’re in a relationship with than to find out what decisions they’d make in high pressure situations? It really is a great way to get to know someone if you’re willing to take the time to play it. 




There’s nothing more fun than blowing stuff up with a significant other and there aren’t many games where you can blow stuff up better than “Borderlands.” Going around the planet of Pandora with a partner is by far the best way to play any Borderlands installment. Every aspect of the game is improved when you have a fellow vault-hunter by your side.





In Civilization you build up a country from nothing. It’s a game that takes a long time to finish and it’s by far one of the more difficult games to play on this list. That being said, why is it on this list?

When you play Civilization with someone, you’re not playing together a lot, but you can talk to someone while you play. It’s a great way to have some in-depth conversations with your partner. As long as you have the patience.




Cuphead is hard. Like really, really, really hard. You would think that playing it with a partner would make the game easier, but you’d be wrong. If anything playing with two players allows you to figure out as a team how to beat the gallery of bosses the game has. You’ll both still die a metric ton of times, but hey, at least you’ll be suffering together.




This is a co-op cooking game designed for 1-4 players, but personally I think it’s best played with 2 people. As a team you must cook and serve a variety of dishes in a small amount of time. The limited time you have puts a good amount of pressure to work together as a team.

I love how this game balances the line between stressful and fun, making it hectic and crazy, but in a completely fun way.


Little Big Planet


Ah, the more casual side of co-op gaming, lovely. This is just good clean fun. It’s bright and colorful and a great way to spend an hour with your partner. Admittedly, most of the games on this list aren’t easy and can be stressful. If you’re looking for a fun and easy platformer and puzzle game to play with your significant other then this is the game to play, especially if your partner isn’t that into gaming.


Portal 2


The “Portal” series requires you to solve puzzles with two different portals. This puzzle game is largely a single-player experience, but unlike its predecessor, “Portal 2” introduced a co-op campaign that requires two people solve even harder puzzles.

The game was hard enough with two portals but now you have four portals and a teammate to work with. It can get stressful at times but it’s so satisfying when you both work out the solution to the puzzle after yelling at each other for an hour.

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