25 Best and Surprising Ways To Experience Music

“Music is powerful. It speaks to a primal pit in our brains. It makes anyone wanna get up and get their knees going’. A good song can really wrap people up in a mood, better than any words alone could.”

~ Jake the Dog & Music Hole (Adventure Time)

It’s true. Music might be the most powerful force on the planet, and it’s one of the few things in life that’s absolutely free. There’s not a single person on Earth who can’t get some sort of emotional thrill from it and yes, before anyone says anything smart, even deaf people can enjoy music. (It’s done through vibrations and studying musical patterns differently). But I digress. 

Music has been around since the prehistoric ages and since that time, humanity has thought of more and more ways to explore the art-form. There are so many different ways to enjoy your select favorite songs than just by listening to them on your phone. Today, we’ll be opening your eyes (and ears) to some amazing ways that you can expand upon your melodic adventures. Here are 25 Best and Surprising Ways To Experience Music!

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Crowd of people enjoying concert in night club

Concerts are a great way to enjoy the music you like with others who share your passion for the artists. Dedicating a night out to go see a performance might just lead to a few new friends, or perhaps you can go with a friend you already have; maybe a date. 

Concerts allow you to really feel the emotion and the vulnerability of performing musicians. The power of the night can stick with you for a lifetime if you find the right event. 

Plus, I’m sure we all have a favorite artist or band that we listen to on loop. Take a moment to see if they have any upcoming live performances in the near future. If so, that’s definitely not an experience you’ll wanna miss out on!


Songkick App


Remember all the great things we just said about concerts? Well, if you want to take that advice to heart, then you definitely need to check out the Songkick App! This app allows you to keep a constant eye on all of your favorite artists to discover when they might be touring in your area. You’ll get immediate alerts so you can purchase tickets before they sell out. 

Not only that, but you’ll also learn about all concerts that are playing near you; ones that are selected based on personalized recommendations. If this isn’t cool enough, Songkick also organized free concerts all over the world that are put together just for you to attend. If you want to make a habit of enjoying more live performances, this app is a must-have!



CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - OCTOBER 03, 2014: Youtube application close up on Apple iPad Air device.

We all know that YouTube is a very common way to listen to music. If a song exists, chances are you can find it and give it a free listen through their website. YouTube itself even has some paid options that allow you to stream and download tunes, but I’m thinking more along the lines of music videos

Music videos are essentially short films that allow artists to tell their songs’ stories in highly cinematic ways. Dating back to the 1920s, this type of music experience has only heightened in popularity as the years have gone on, mainly thanks to YouTube. On YouTube, not only will you find music videos for the biggest working musicians, but you can also support independent creators as they quite literally attempt to get their voices out there!




Spotify is classic at this point. It’s one of the few music softwares that is truly 100% “cross-platform” and has revolutionized the way that music is shared and organized. Spotify allows you to enjoy music you’ve already fallen in love with and can help you expand your search by finding other artists that match your tastes. You can create your own playlists and share them with your friends and family… or you can have Spotify generate a completely new playlist based on what it learns about you. 

Spotify itself is free but does have a Premium option that may be worth it to some listeners. With Premium, your experience will be ad-free, there’s no wait for new releases, and you can even listen off-line!


Road Trip Jams


“It’s about the journey; not the destination.” This quote comes up a lot when it comes to road trips… but let’s face it; we’d all like to be at the destination a whole lot sooner. Still, there’s no trip that can’t be both sped up and made more enjoyable through music! Music is the saving grace of every trip, no matter how long it might be. 

There’s nothing you need to worry about watching (other than the road) and with the road being the only other thing to focus on, you can find yourself lost to the music and experience all that it truly has to offer. Let it guide your journey and give you things to think about. Let it shape your emotions and ideas to prepare you for wherever your stop may be. 

If friends are tagging along, make a party of it. Pass the aux cable around and let everyone contribute to the music. Or, turn on the radio and enjoy a few random selections together!

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