25 Most Retweeted Tweets That Will Make You Wonder

Posted by , Updated on April 24, 2024

Ever had a tweet of yours go viral? Daily, Twitter sees millions of users sharing updates. These range from job promotion news to daily thoughts and experiences.

Most of these tweets maybe get one or two reposts, if any. Then there are those who post something that gets retweeted thousands or even millions of times.

This could happen to anyone: from celebrities to average Joes. They post asking for charity, mentioning giveaways, or even asking for chicken nuggets (yes, one guy really did this).

If you’re curious about the most popular tweets that have been widely shared, look no further. Here are the 25 most retweeted tweets.


Dinner Date Fail?


Connor Hallmark posted this on Twitter:

“Dinner date didn’t go as planned.”

He was making dinner and his pet iguana had other plans for the food.

It was retweeted 662,221 times. Pets doing silly things equals retweets.


Getting Kicked Off Delta


Adam Saleh, also known as @OMGAdamSaleh made this tweet:

“We got kicked out of a @Delta airplane because I spoke Arabic to my mom on the phone and with my friend slim.”

A lot of people were outraged by this. It was later said that the reason Saleh was kicked off the plane was because of his antics, and not because he was speaking Arabic.

In any case, his tweet was retweeted 721,605 times.




Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) tweeted, “For every retweet this gets Pedigree will donate one bowl of dog food to dogs in need!”

We guess there are a lot of dog lovers in the world because it was retweeted 798,473 times.


Four More Years


On November 6, 2012 former president Barack Obama tweeted, “Four more years.”

It was sent after he won his second election.

It was retweeted 865,411 times.


"All The Love"


Harry Styles, of the boy band One Direction, tweeted, “All the love as always. H”

It was retweeted 778,320 times.


Silly Video Tweet


@BTS_twt has had a few popular posts.

This time, they tweeted a short video of a man acting silly and dancing. It was retweeted 916,116 times.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s okay to act a little silly sometimes.


World Record Egg


Sam Heath (a.k.a. @egg_rt_record) tried to beat the record of most retweets set by @yousuck2020. It was a picture of a large egg.

The picture was tweeted 966,585 times. The tweet he was trying to beat had 5.3 million retweets.

Oh, so close! Not really.


Free Money Tweet


Who doesn’t love free money? All you have to do is dm @MrBeastYT and he’ll give you $10,000.

Oh, by the way, the government will be calling you to tell you that because you’ve been such a good citizen they want to give you some money as well.

They just need your social, account number, birthday, address, email passwords.

It was retweeted 983,026 times.


Re-Post or Else!


Hardly anyone can ignore “post this or else” tweets.

For instance, @nicholastmusic made this tweet:

“Scroll down
Keep scrolling
Retweet or December will be the worst month of your life.”

We guess his advice was taken seriously … well, by some people at least.

The post went viral and was retweeted over 700,000 times.


X-Factor Tweet


Niall Horan applied for The X Factor and let Twitter know about it. His post was shared 700,380 times.

It’s nice when people support others’ efforts. It makes the world a nicer place.


RIP Chester Bennington


After the death of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, his bandmates sent a shout out with a picture.

It went viral and was shared 714,754 times.

Bennington committed suicide and it devastated the music world, but his music lives on.


Tragedy at Grande Concert


On May 22, 2017 there was a shooting at an Ariana Grande concert.

Obviously very distraught Grande took to Twitter and posted this:

from the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”

The post was retweeted 989,946 times.


Puppy Love Tweet


Ryan Sesselman posted a picture of his puppy with the quote, “She’s tough but she’s worth it.”

It was retweeted 999,445 times. Almost made it to one million!


"In My Feelings" Challenge


Who doesn’t remember the Kiki challenge? People would walk alongside a moving car, dancing to “In My Feelings” by Drake.

@BTS_twt did the challenge as well and their video was shared 1,027,081 times.


Free Jersey Giveaway Tweet


Damarious Randall of the Cleveland Browns tweeted, “If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA finals, I’ll buy everyone who retweets this a jersey.”

It was retweeted 1,022,086 times. Due to the fact that the Golden State Warriors won, we don’t think anyone got a t-shirt from Randall.


"Help Houston" Tweet


Sometimes people tweet asking for help. Penn State Interfraternity Council (@PennStateIFC) went to Twitter and posted this:

“With the current devastation in Houston, we are pledging $0.15 for every RT this gets! Please forward this along to help out those in need!”

It was tweeted 1,067,923 times.


"No to Racism" Tweet


“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion.”

This tweet was posted by former President Barack Obama and was retweeted 1,612,283 times. Take that, racism!


Another Free Money Giveaway


Jimmy Donaldson (a.k.a. @MrBeastYt) was at it again with a free-money giveaway for his birthday.

The birthday tweet was reposted 1,208,036 times.




A tweet by @Rubiu5 was reposted 1,387,333 times. The tweet simply said, “Limonada.”

It was by Spanish YouTuber El Rubius.


One Direction Tweet


Louis Tomlinson of One Direction tweeted this to bandmate Harry Styles:

“Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis.”

It was reposted 2,585,745 times.


Celebrities Selfie Tweet


Even celebrities post selfies with each other. Ellen DeGeneres, along with Brad Pitt, Brad Cooper, and a few others posted an Oscars pic with a caption reading, “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars.”

The viral tweet was retweeted 3,207,778 times.


Me As a Mother


Ma Wada posted a video of a mother dealing with stress.

The post on the video said, “Me as a mother.” It was reposted over 700,000 times.


Give This Man Some Nuggets


Carter Wilkison’s post for chicken nuggets went viral and got 3,457,981 retweets. The post read:


Hey, who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Well, maybe not chickens … and people who don’t eat meat, but chicken nuggets are pretty darn tasty.


Januar Ali Tweet


Denny Januar Ali, a bestselling author, tweeted this comment (in Indonesian):

“Denny JA: Dengan RT ini, anda ikut memenangkan Jokowi-JK. Pilih pemimpin yg bisa dipercaya (Jokowi) dan pengalaman (JK). #DJoJK.”

This endorsement of an Indonesian presidential candidate was retweeted 992,686 times.


Billionaire Money Giveaway


The most retweeted tweet on our list is by Yusaka Maezawa (Twitter handle: @yousuck2020) who posted this:

“ZOZOTOWN New Year sale is the fastest ever and has exceeded 10 billion yen! ! With my gratitude, I will give 1 million yen [a total of ¥ 100 million New Year’s money] to 100 people as a cash present. To apply, just follow me and RT this tweet. Reception desk until 1/7. The winner will be DM directly from me! #If you go to the moon.”

It went viral and was retweeted 4,428,622 times.

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