25 Comedians with Tragic Stories That Are Nearly Unbelievable

Who’s your favorite comedian? For centuries, comedians have made us laugh with their observational humor, slapstick, and physical comedy. From Charlie Chaplin to Jerry Seinfeld, they have invited us into their world, taking stories from their own life.

Some people might think that comedians are always happy because they tell jokes for a living. However, many comedians suffer from mental illness, drug addiction, and trauma.

We see the laughter but, sadly, we don’t see the pain that many of these comics suffer. Here are 25 Comedians with Tragic Stories.

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Christopher Titus


Christopher Titus uses a lot of his upbringing in his comedy routine. Some of this includes his dysfunctional relationship with his father and his mother, who suffered from mental illness before committing suicide. Titus’ sister also committed suicide.

He has a popular podcast and his Twitter handle has over 137 thousand followers.


Charles Rocket

Charles Rocket (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)https://people.com/celebrity/ex-snl-star-charles-rocket-commits-suicide/

Charles Rocket was a comedian and television reporter. Rocket was a regular cast member on “Saturday Night Live” who was fired for using an obscenity.

He managed to get some work after that, but usually as supporting roles. In 2005, Rocket committed suicide in a field by his Connecticut home.


Lenny Bruce


Lenny Bruce was a comedian and social satirist. He was widely known for his controversial humor.

Bruce had a successful comedy career for a while. Sadly, his drug use got the better of him, and his career started to fade. Bruce died of an apparent overdose in August of 1966.


Don Knotts


You probably know Don Knotts as either the lovable Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show” or as the kooky Mr. Ferley on “Three’s Company.” Knotts had a long career of playing light-hearted and clueless characters.

Although Knotts was known to be a funny man, his upbringing was anything but. His father suffered from schizophrenia and sometimes came after Knotts with a knife.


Phil Hartman


Phil Hartman played many funny characters on “Saturday Night Live.” He also played the role of Bill McNeil on the show “News Radio.” Everybody who knew Hartman said he was a very nice guy.

On May 28th, 1998, Hartman’s wife, Brynn, fatally shot him. After confessing to the murder, she also committed suicide. She had been intoxicated and using cocaine at the time.

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