25 Extremely Easy Ways To Die That Will Make You Appreciate Life

Posted by , Updated on October 17, 2016


To start off with, we’re going to be completely serious. If you or anybody that you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, it is very important to get professional help. You can always call the United States National Suicide Prevention Helpline at 1-800-273-8255. There are also numerous other resources out there that are ready and willing to help you and your loved ones.

Having said that, this list is going to be half serious and half light-hearted. While a good majority of the ways we’ve listed are legitimate, there are a few that we’ve thrown in just to lighten things up a bit, especially considering how dark this list can get. To be honest though, you can take this list however you want to, but probably the best way is the one we suggested in the title…as a an inspiration for gratitude. Our bodies are so frail, and there really are a good number of things out there that can kill us quite easily. It’s always amazing when we wake up in the morning ready to face another day. And that is our primary intention with this list; not necessarily to focus on the death aspect of things, but rather the life aspect. Here are 25 Extremely Easy Ways To Die That Will Make You Appreciate Life.

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Taking selfies

cliffSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Especially near cliffs. You’d be surprised how many tourists are killed every year as a result of falls and traffic accidents caused by negligent selfie-taking.



overdoseSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Not many people do this on purpose, especially when it comes to opiates, but always be careful, even with over the counter drugs. Some of them have a very small difference between the effective dose and the lethal dose.


Shaking snack machines

snack machinesSource: mentalfloss, Image: pixabay

We all do it. But did you know that more people are killed annually by snack machines than by sharks?


Drinking too much water

waterSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

It’s true, you can overdose on anything, including water.

Note: you would have to drink a truly incredible amount to poison yourself, but it is possible.


Falling off ladders

ladderSource: cdc.gov, Image: pixabay

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls remain a leading cause of death and ladders are involved in more than half of them.

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