25 Cleverly Folded Hidden Messages On Dollar Bills

In the abstract world of art, things can be expressed in many ways and through many things, whether it be via shadows, food, or plastic bags. An artists imagination is truly the limit. Dan Tague, one of the great contemporary artists of our time, selected dollar bills as his medium of self expression. It’s a genius move. By folding and twisting bank notes in various ways, he molds them to say anything he wants. Here are 25 Cleverly Folded Hidden Messages On Dollar Bills.

I Am Free

d25Source: https://www.dantaguestudio.com/

Trust No One Liar

d24Source: https://www.dantaguestudio.com/

Root of All Evil

evilSource: https://www.dantaguestudio.com/

I Hate War

d22Source: https://www.dantaguestudio.com/

Serve the State

d21Source: https://www.dantaguestudio.com/

All photos by and courtesy of Dan Tague. Posted with his permission. https://www.dantaguestudio.com/

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