25 Ridiculous And Crazy Things Carried On A Bike

Posted by , Updated on November 23, 2023

While motorcycles like a Harley Davidson or Yamaha may seem like a leather-clad, cool guy’s form of transit in the West, anyone who has traveled to Africa or Asia knows a motorbike is a lifeline for millions of people. Beyond just a means of conveyance, motorbikes are prized items, demarcating people who can afford one and those who can’t. (The line for people who can afford cars is on a whole different level.) Motorbikes are often shared between families, used to transport said families (sometimes with up to five or more people on a single bike at a time) and used to transport goods from the farm to market or anywhere else.

In this list, we’ve cruised around to find the most ridiculous things people have ever carried on the back of a motorbike. While carrying more than two people may seem wild enough for some delicate sensibilities, true motorbike experts have honed their craft and are able to carry loads many times the weight of the bike itself. You’ll be flat-out amazed at the massive loads some people can carry – from 1,000 eggs to a mobile shop on wheels to even an entire car on the back of a bike. Prepare to be amazed with this list of the 25 Ridiculous And Crazy Things Carried On A Bike.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker for use of many of these images.


This cat is having the ride of a lifetime!

motorcarrycatSource: smosh.com

This motorbike driver gives new meaning to "business on wheels."

shop on motorbikeSource: Matador Network

Sometimes you just need to move your sandshark from Point A to Point B.

sandshark on motorbikeSource: Hans Kemp via Slate

Someone is throwing the most epic barbecue of the year.

motorcarrypigsSource: smosh.com

Enough eggs to feed a village for a month

eggs on motorbikeSource: Hans Kemp via Slate

The reincarnation of the happy Buddha himself

Happy_Buddha_Guy_with_Buddhas_on_a_Motorbike_in_VietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

We're not sure if this man got into a fight or just thought this was the best way to transport his chair.

motorcarrychairSource: smosh.com

Sometimes you just don't trust your friend to drive your other bike across town.

motorcarrymotorcycleSource: smosh.com

Somehow this bike doesn't tip over under the weight of a forest's worth of bananas.


The perfect solution when the grocery store doesn't sell beer on Sundays, but you still want to have an awesome party.

Beer-Kegs-on-a-Motorbike-in-VietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

The ultimate rear-view mirror - placed just a few inches too far back, though

man with mirror on motorbikeSource: Hans Kemp via Slate

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There's more than one way to take out the trash

motorcarrytrashbagsSource: smosh.com

The biggest pocket watch in Vietnam

Grandfather_Clock_on_a_Motorbike_in_VietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

When you've got to get everybody to work on time

motorcycle-trailerSource: smosh.com

Enough water bottles for a marathon's worth of runners

man with plastic bottles on motorbikeSource: Hans Kemp via Slate

When you want to take your dog for a walk but are too lazy to actually walk

big dog on a motorbikeSource: Vision Times

The newest concept to introduce green space to a crowded city

palm trees in vietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

"How do you transport your foam?" "By rolling it!"

Rolls-of-Foam-on-a-Motorbike-in-VietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

When even the gas station attendant thinks you're out of your mind

Construction-Materials-on-a-Motorbike-in-VietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

For when you're throwing the family reunion

motorcycle-potsSource: smosh.com

Clearly more than the kitchen sink

Bathroom-on-a-Motorbike-in-VietnamSource: Mr. and Mrs. Backpacker

More Vitamin C than you need in an entire year

oranges on motorbikeSource: Inside Asia Tours

For when you invite the extended family for dinner

chickens on motorbikeSource: Adventuressetravels Blog

More chickens!

motorcarrychickensSource: smosh.com

Because when you gotta go, you gotta go...

motorcarrytoiletSource: smosh.com

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