25 Things That Immigrants Want You To Know About The United States

Posted by , Updated on October 23, 2022

As of late, it seems that the United States can’t catch a break. Even it’s own politicians have been characterizing it as a third world country, a place to avoid if you can. It is replete with poverty, crumbling infrastructure, an uneducated population, lots of violence, extreme political divisions, poor healthcare, and the list goes on and on and on. Before long, you would start feeling as though you should donate or something. Maybe even go there to help dig wells.

Well, today we’re going to look at things from a different perspective. It’s not going to be exactly what we’re used to. Be careful though, this could change your perspective around a little bit. What we’re going to do is sit down with some immigrants to the United States. They’ve come from all over. From Africa, Asia, and even the developed nations of Europe. They all have something a little bit different to say about the United States than what you are probably used to. In fact, it’s probably a lot different than what you’re used to.

So without further ado, we’ll let the people speak for themselves. These are 25 things that immigrants want you to know about the United States.

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alyssaxoxo8 says...

SinkSource: alyssaxoxo8 via reddit, Image: pixabay

Showers and running hot water. I was born in the Philippines. Showers and hot water aren’t really common in older homes over there. Not having to fill buckets with water and boiling some over a stove top was such a big surprise for me.


Dougarasu says...

BridgeSource: Dougarasu via reddit, Image: pixabay

Buildings and bridges are so…amazing, like the infrastructure is good; it makes you think, “wow, mankind DID THIS.”


samosataco says...

SunsetSource: samosataco via Reddit, Image: pixabay

I was young when we moved here, but my parents always said that from navigating the interstate to knowing where to shop, people would go out of their way to help us find what we needed or show us how to do things.


HebrewHamm3r says...

FruitSource: HebrewHamm3r via reddit, Image: pixabay

Thinking back to when I came with my family from the USSR: Grocery stores. Seriously. Where we came from, shelves were bare or at best stocked with drab, low-quality food.


Lys_Vesuvius says...

ShowerSource: Lys_Vesuvius via reddit, Image: pixabay

Hot water doesen’t go out for a few weeks in the summer. In fact, there’s as much hot water as I want!


froyo_away says...

ValleySource: froyo_away via reddit, Image: pixabay

Your road directions are simple. To get to a city 2000 miles away, you get on I-80 exit to I-90 then exit 40.


HunkyChunk says...

ConversationSource: HunkyChunk via reddit, Image: pixabay

Small talks. I really didn’t expect people to just strike up a conversation with someone they’ve never met before. I’ve heard some interesting experiences from strangers while waiting at airport


fokjoudoos says...

MailboxesSource: fokjoudoos via reddit, Image: pixabay

Ex-African here. I’m pleasantly surprised by The U.S. Postal Service. You can stick a cheap stamp on a letter, throw it in a blue mailbox in NY, and it will get to LA 99% of the time. It doesn’t get “lost” or stolen, it just gets there.


galantleb says...

NatureSource: galantleb via reddit, Image: pixabay

Air. You don’t really notice how REAL fresh air feels like when you’ve been breathing in polluted air all your life


rorrimlmirror says...

KidsSource: rorrimlmirror via reddit, Image: pixabay

People seem very courteous and open/friendly compared to northern Europe. I’ve grown to like strangers smiling at me for no reason or complimenting my outfit, my hair or my son or whatever it happens to be. It’s sweet, and it brightens my day very often. And it’s contagious! Now I do it to others. And when I go home, people there seem needlessly serious, closed up, rigid, and often rude.


AlCoCeR_ says...

WheelchairSource: AlCoCeR_ via reddit, Image: pixabay

Ramps. Growing up in a wheelchair in a small town in Colombia was difficult.


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capt_0bvious says...

PoliceSource: capt_0bvious via reddit, Image: pixabay

Bribing the cops can actually get you into more trouble.


sensitiveinfomax says...

HikingSource: sensitiveinfomax via reddit, Image: pixabay

How hiking, biking, and camping is made so easy. Well marked trails, with clearly specified difficulty levels, park rangers to help you, documented rules to follow for a good experience, bike trails documented on Google maps, camping equipment you can buy at Walmart with crisp instructions every step of the way…and well-maintained national and state parks.


alienangel2 says...

MoneySource: alienangel2 via reddit, Image: pixabay

You don’t have to worry about bribing people to get things done, or getting cheated on with every little transaction.

Note: There is certainly corruption in the United States, but usually on a political level, as everywhere. This person was just pointing out that on a personal level, corruption and bribery are virtually non-existent.


Ariatodidto says...

FriendsSource: Ariatodidto via reddit, Image: pixabay

My most pleasant experience is the constant assumption that I am American.


Nothinghuang says...

ConfederacySource: Nothinghuang via reddit, Image: pixabay

Moving to the Deep South, I was expecting to be met with the stereotypical racist KKK type of folks. Luckily, everyone at my school was super friendly and helpful, and I had a relatively easy transition.


Okla_homie says...

IceSource: Okla_homie via reddit, Image: pixabay

I moved to the USA from South Africa when I was 10, and I was amazed by the availability of ice.


sgursel says...

BathroomSource: sgursel via reddit, Image: pixabay

Clean public bathrooms.


AlainH says...

ValleySource: AlainH via reddit, Image: pixabay

How National and State Parks are even more beautiful than I imagined.


XSplain says...

SmileSource: XSplain via reddit, Image: pixabay

Canadian here. We’re polite, but you guys are downright friendly.


ProbablyTomorrow says...

FruitsSource: ProbablyTomorrow via reddit, Image: pixabay

The seemingly endless rows of food in the grocery stores. And all the apples. Who needs 50 different kinds of apples?


kmcmorrow16 says

SinksSource: kmcmorrow16 via reddit, Image: pixabay

Free public restrooms and how every establishment has air conditioning…


XtraMediumBurrito says...

Grand Central StationSource: XtraMediumBurrito via reddit, Image: pixabay

The amount of different races and cultures is extremely shocking when you actually interact with them, but that’s why I love living here now.


thehonestone says

ATMSource: thehonestone via reddit, Image: pixabay

ATMs where you can deposit cash. Mind was blown.


vlaura says...

TeaSource: vlaura via reddit, Image: pixabay

Very seriously, free refills…


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