25 Bizarre Stories Of Being Struck By Lightning

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Stores of being struck by lightning are rare, but many can be really bizarre, too. The average American has about a 1 in 5,000 chance of being struck by lightning. Those are pretty good odds, but for those unfortunate ones, it didn’t turn out so great. Not only did they win the worst lottery possible, but in these specific cases, it happened in weird ways, making it even rarer. From multiple lightning strikes to surviving thanks to a music player, you might have a hard time believing some of these stories. So, get your rubber boots on, here are 25 Bizarre Stories Of Being Struck By Lightning.

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Lightning Strike Cures Blind Man

blind manSource: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=LINRAAAAIBAJ&sjid=_hEEAAAAIBAJ&pg=3342,1153845&dq=struck-by-lightning&hl=en

In 1980, Edwin Robinson, a 62-year-old living in Falmouth, Maine, was struck by lightning. While it’s, of course, unique to be struck by lightning, it’s even more bizarre that it restored his eyesight. That’s right. Robinson was left blind from a car accident nine years prior. The lightning strike partially cured his blindness.


Man Struck while Fishing

ponce inlethttps://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/18/us/hit-by-lightning-tales-from-survivors.html

While fishing in Ponce Inlet, Florida, 55-year-old James Church was struck by lightning and sent flying 6 feet away into a metal railing. The strange part was that it was only lightly drizzling. After 9 hours of surgery, he survived, but he lost 2 fingers and part of his small and large intestines, along with burst eardrums.


Woman Struck in the Mouth

mouthSource: http://metro.co.uk/2006/10/10/lightning-exits-from-womans-bum-261888/

While cleaning her teeth, a lightning strike hit Natasha Timarovic in the mouth. The current ran through her body and exited out of her anus, leaving behind severe burns. Normally, when struck by lightning, the current goes down to a person’s feet, but she was wearing rubber soles. So, instead, the current went out the other direction.


Bolt Blasts into Girl's Room

lightning houseSource: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=j2tiAAAAIBAJ&sjid=yHYNAAAAIBAJ&pg=5756,2532948&dq=weird+lightning&hl=en

In 1986, fifteen-year-old Jennifer Mann was reading Stephen King’s The Shining when something terrifying happened, and it wasn’t in his book. A bolt of lightning ripped through her wall and set her bed on fire. Fortunately, she only suffered ringing ears and a tingling jaw. But, she probably thought twice about the books she reads.


Girl Struck on a Sunny Day

sunny daySource: http://krcgtv.com/news/local/girl-struck-by-lightning-on-sunny-day

Most people think you can only get struck by lightning during a storm. If only that were true for the 11-year-old girl living in Pennsylvania in 2011. The girl was struck by lighting even with the sun shining. Apparently, the bolt came from a storm miles away. They’re called “bolts from the blue” and are a very rare but dangerous phenomenon.

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