25 Things You Absolutely Must Avoid Doing At The Gym

Hitting the gym should be something that you look forward to. It’s an opportunity to relieve stress, meet new people, and best of all get in shape. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and the gym is a great place to start. With all the various equipment and styles of training, also comes plenty of opportunity for mistakes. If you don’t use the gym properly you’ll find yourself frustrated, without results, or injured. Here are 25 things you absolutely must avoid doing at the gym if you want to be successful. For other helpful tips about exercise, nutrition, and healthy living, head over to SteadyStrength.

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Never Workout Without A Dynamic Warm-up First

dynamic warmup

Before you start any type of workout you have to prepare your muscles to work. That involves increasing the temperature of muscles and preparing the neuromuscular connection to fire rapidly. Dynamic stretching is one of the main ways to avoid injury during exercise and athletics. Studies show that dynamic stretching prepares your muscles to produce power better than static stretching


Don’t Lift Heavy Weights Alone

have a workout buddy

Have you heard of the “Buddy System” before?  Ya, well that’s basically what you should always do when you plan on lifting heavy weights. A good workout buddy should always be your spotter. Part of a spotter’s job is to keep you safe by making sure you’re using correct form. When you’re struggling with the weight it doesn’t hurt to have someone there motivating you too. Having a workout buddy makes the workout more fun and efficient.


Never Make Excuses About Getting To The Gym

don't make excuses

Don’t ever make excuses about getting to the gym. No matter how busy you are, there is some way that you can make sacrifices or shift around your schedule to give yourself some time to stay healthy. You have to have some time to focus on yourself if you want to be as healthy as possible. Even a quick high intensity 10 minute workout is better than nothing.

An effective way to eliminate excuses is to make a home gym. Fill it with simple, and easily stored equipment. This way the gym is easily accessible. No more excuses like, “I didn’t have time to drive all the way there and back before dinner time”.


Never Be Clueless About Your Workout For The Day

personal trainer

Walking into the gym with absolutely no idea about what you are going to do is a big time waster. You’re more likely to have a less productive workout as well. Think about the workout plan before you get there. The best case scenario is having a long term workout schedule already written down.

One way to prevent not having a plan is to hire the perfect personal trainer. You will never have to waste time thinking about your workout. They’re job is to guide you through a progressive workout program that strengthens your weaknesses and leads you to your fitness goals.


Never Workout With A Full Belly

full belly

If you plan on training within an hour of a big meal your stomach may not be happy with you. It may cause ingestion like bloating, nausea, gas, or diarrhea. If you are planning on working hard for an hour or more it’s important to have energy, but you have to give your body about 2 hours to digest it.

You can work out on an empty stomach, for example early in the morning before breakfast. Medium intensity cardio is the best form of exercise to do on an empty stomach. It burns more fat, probably because glycogen stores are low.

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