20 Real Torture Dungeons You’ll (Not) Want To Visit

Introducing our creepiest list yet: 20 Real Torture Dungeons You’ll (Not) Want To Visit! For anybody who spent time looking into human history, it quickly becomes clear that our species has a nasty habit of being cruel to each other.

For doubters, there’s nothing that will get that point across as easily as our long and brutal record of torture. Although the techniques and motivations might change depending on the location or period of time, torture chambers existed.

Uncovered in nearly every human civilization that has walked the earth, people believed in the power of pain. That being said, a couple of historic groups took things even further. They created horrifying prisons that still bear the marks of the atrocities that were committed there.

So, without further ado, we present our list of 20 real torture dungeons you’ll (not) want to visit.

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The Tower of London

The Tower of London

Despite torture never being officially permitted under English law, the history of the imprisonment, torture, and execution that took place in the Tower of London during the 16 and 17th centuries is extensive and well documented.

One of the most well known of prisoners held within the Tower of London, none other than Guy Fawkes, the man behind the failed gunpowder plot assassination, was tortured so badly he lost the use of his hands following his imprisonment.


Bursa Dungeon's

Bursa Dungeon's

Built by the Bithynia Kingdom approximately 2,500 years ago, these ancient dungeons still send a cold shudder down any spine.

Incredible, and disturbing artifacts, recently unearthed in 2017, have told us a lot about the violent history and methods of torture in the region. They are located in the northwestern Bursa Province in Turkey and are currently part of a UNESCO World Heritage location.


The Abbey of Saint Mercuriale

The Abbey of Saint Mercuriale

The Abbey of Saint Mercuriale in Forli, Italy today sits at the heart of the city and serves as a peaceful place of worship for the locals.

That wasn’t always the case. During the medieval era, this location was one that, while just as holy, was anything but peaceful. After its completion in 1180, the abbey was the location of public executions. Lawbreakers were beheaded with an ax in front of crowds sometimes numbering in the hundreds.


CIA Black Sites

CIA Black Sites

Black sites are CIA run prisons that are used to detain and get information out of alleged enemies of the United States. These include individuals with suspected ties to terrorist groups.

Due to the secretive nature of the CIA, the exact number and conditions inside the prisons are unknown. However, they are believed to exist on every continent.

Those who have seen the inside describe them as some of the saddest and most hellish locations imaginable.


Rocca Malatestiana

Rocca Malatestiana

If you were to visit the Rocca Malatestiana castle tomorrow, you would be happy to know that the scariest thing you might come across would be the agricultural museum held within one of the towers.

You might also be surprised to learn that this castle is, in fact, one of the most haunted places in Italy.

Deep in its basements exists an underground room that was once the location of some of the worst torture atrocities ever. This room was called the Sala delle Torture, the “hall of tortures.”

It is said that visitors can still hear the screams of the tortured souls stuck inside.

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