25 Of The Most Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever

Unfortunately, murder – officially defined as unlawful killing with malice aforethought of another human – is not a rare occurrence even in today’s society. While this heinous crime is usually carried out by means of guns, knives or fists, there have been many other, far stranger murder weapons. From a spatula to a guitar, here are 25 of them.

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Fire extinguisher

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In April 2010, former student athlete Drew Clark hit a man who was fighting his friend with a fire extinguisher in Arnos Vale, Bristol, England. Clark took the fire extinguisher and bashed the man twice on the head, breaking his skull. The man died three days later in the hospital.



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In 2012, a 40-year-old man was walking through Hannover, Germany, when he crossed the path of a stranger carrying an umbrella. The stranger passed by and without warning turned around and stabbed the man in the back with the tip of the umbrella. Apparently, the umbrella had a built-in needle which injected mercury into his body causing him to go into a coma from which he never recovered.



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There have been several cases of murder by chair but probably the most outrageous is the one that happened in London in December 2013. A gang of six teenagers attacked Donald McNicol with a chair outside a community center after an argument over a shared computer. The victim suffered a serious head injury and died two weeks later.



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In April 2006, 61-year-old Jimmy Hackley from Jacksonville, Florida strangled 29-year-old Patricia Ann McCollum with a pair of sweatpants. He was charged and found guilty of first-degree murder.


Pickle jar

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When Daniel Kovarbasich was just 12 he was hired by 55-year-old Duane Hurley to walk his dog. Turns out Hurley was a pedophile and their relationship soon turned sexual. This went on for years until January 22, 2010 when Daniel, tired of the abuse, repeatedly bashed Duane in the head with a pickle jar. Then, to be sure Hurley was dead, he started stabbing him with a knife. Upon hearing Kovarbasich’s story of abuse, the judge sentenced him to 5 years’ probation.

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